27 December 2011

Family Christmas Lunch: Henkell, Oysters, Prawns and Rekorderlig (25 Dec 2011)

Henkell Happy Hour

This years family Christmas lunch included a plus 1 of Baby Isabelle who slept all the way through the eating festivities. Hopefully in a few years she'll have the acquired taste of eating oysters and prawns so she can join me in the pre-Christmas seafood shopping at Sydney Fish Market. A bottle of Henkell Trocken was chilled for the lunch occasion and my brother bought most of the flavours I think of Rekorderlig to try. The Strawberry & Lime was nice at first but then became a bit too sweet for the palate and reminded of cough mixture too much (sorry). The Premium Apple Cider flavour was more to me liking and the Apple & Blackcurrant was quite nice as well even though it reminded me of Ribena.

The St Helens Pacific Oysters faired well in the fridge for 36 hours but freshly shucked on the day would have been even better. Half the prawns were tiger I think and the other half were smaller Crystal Bay Prawns which I found had a sweeter and more distinct flavour even though they looked more pale in color. Mum made her famous potato salad to go with dad's marinated chicken wings and pork ribs and brother tried his hand at lamb kofta balls with good success along with some barbecued baby octopus. For dessert the Pattison's Patisserie lime tart and pre-made pavlova base topped with freshly whipped cream and fresh fruit finished the lunch off nicely which soon sent me into a food coma.

Other Family Christmas lunches:

Henkell Trocken

St Helens pacific oysters from Nicholas Seafoods Traders at Sydney Fish Market

Tiger King Prawns and Crystal Bay Prawns

Lobster and King Crab from supermarket

Barbecued octopus

Marinated chicken wings

Barbecued pork ribs

Potato salad

Lamb kofta balls

Pattison's Patisserie lime tart

Dress your own pavlova

Resting after a good feed


BGDino said...

Hi Simon! Congratulations to you and your partner on the arrival of baby Isabelle. Looks like you had a great Christmas... how awesome is Rekordelig??? I just discovered it the other day.

PS. I think I walked past either you or your brother at the hospital the week before Christmas :P

Tina said...

Looks like a great Chrissy feast, Simon. Those flavoured ciders are a little on the side of hideous though, I thought. Tried three of them and will never stray from apple and pear ever again.

Simon Leong said...

hi BGDino, quite possibly it was me at the hospital. if you saw me carrying a black camera bag then it was probably me :-) be sure you say hi next time.

hi tina, the straight apple one was my favourite so far but i have had a chance to try all of them yet. some of them seem to be very sweet though so i don't think i could drink a lot of it.

Anonymous said...

Yum! Especially the seafood + cider, great Xmas lunch!

Simon Leong said...

hi lateraleating, seafood is always a must at my family xmas lunches

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