24 December 2011

Sydney Fish Market: Pre-Christmas Shopping at Midnight, Pyrmont (23 Dec 2011)

Sydney Fish Market, Bank Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Midnight seafood shopping

Continuing the family tradition of midnight shopping for Christmas lunch I head down with my dad and brother to Sydney Fish Market to buy some St Helen's pacific oysters (Nicholas Seafoods), tiger prawns (Claudio's) and octopus (Peter's Seafood Market) this year. The car park was again full and there was hardly a seat available outside under the umbrella seating. Traffic outside wasn't too bad and we managed to find a free car spot on Wattle Street next to Wentworth Park. The crowds were again busier than a normal Saturday trading as expected. De Costi Seafoods had a line outside to get in and Claudio's was a very tight squeeze due to hardly any traffic area to move. I tend to get my oysters from either Nicholas Seafoods or Christie's Seafood depending which ones look good. If they have either Coffin Bay or St Helen's then this tends to influence my decision at the time.

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Video of shoppers

Checking out Claudio's and De Costi Seafoods

Nicholas Seafood

I've bought the Alaskan King Crab from here before and it's been quite good

I tend to get my oysters here if they are good instead of Christie's because they give you the oyster tray to keep them all nicely organised. I bought 2 dozen St Helen's Pacific Oysters ($19.99 per dozen)

Peter's Seafood Market

These prawns were super large

Christie's Seafoods

Musumeci Seafood

It always seems a tight squeeze in this place

De Costi Seafoods


I used to buy oysters from Claudio's but tend to prefer Nicholas Seafoods or Christie's Seafoods now

Late night dining

Midnight crowds

St John First Aid Volunteers in case you get overwhelmed by the crowds

I sometimes buy Orchids from this flower shop

Full car park at midnight

Dining at midnight

12.17 am shopping

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Madam Wu said...

Wow! I can't believe they have St John's Ambulance just like at a music festival!

Food is our religion said...

I had no idea fish markets were opened beyond midnight!! That seems pretty cool, I wish i knew earlier so i could have made a visit for the hype!

Jess said...

Enjoyed reading your blog post again Simon :) Merry Christmas!


Kerancia said...

Simon, its great to see your commitment to the seafood cause by attending the fish markets at midnight! Impressive... whilst most of us (me) were zzzzzzz :)

Simon Leong said...

hi madam wu, it would be interesting to know if anyone actually needed first aid too. must get really busy during the day.

hi food is our religion, i've been doing the midnight run for a few years now.

hi jess, have a merry xmas too.

hi kerancia, i'd probably be rather sleeping as well hehe

penny aka jeroxie said...

We wanted to do the midnight run but too much effort. So kudos for doing it! We did head down early morning though and fortunately to find parking.

Simon Leong said...

hi penny, i always worry what the traffic would be like during the day. how were the crowds? really crazy or OK?

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