06 December 2011

IVY Anti-Hangover Shot Launch, Kit & Kaboodle, Potts Point (5 Dec 2011)

33 Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point NSW 2011

Prevention rather than cure

Thanks to Megan from Polkadot PR for inviting me to the intimate launch of the IVY Anti-Hangover Shot on Level 1 of Kit & Kaboodle with its sexy Asian style decor. Apparently clinical trials of Ivy were conducted on 100 participants resulting in 80% of those who consumed Ivy immediately after drinking didn't experience any hangover symptoms. I guess that's pretty good odds although I'd love to know how much they drank, what they drank, what their alcohol blood level was and if any of them were Russians. I've had my fair share of hangovers in the past so a product like this would have been very handy at the time. I'm sure everyone has their own hangover cures. For me it's not drinking tequila, or bad quality tequila anyway and drinking heaps of water and maybe a panadol or two before going to bed. If that fails there's always the 'Hair of the dog' and McDonald's and a coke. Not mixing your drinks and staying on clear spirits is another factor I've found sometimes works.

If I stay on Gin & Tonic all night I tend to fair pretty well in the morning — maybe it's all the tonic. But I guess the best way to avoid a hangover and save your liver is to drink in moderation or not drink at all which is 100% guaranteed. If you must drink and want to cheat a hangover then perhaps a product like this might help although it's a little disconcerting when the ingredients aren't actually listed on the bottle and there didn't seem to be a used by date. Apparently it's packed with Vitamin B, C, Ginseng and Arginine which they say restores all the vitamins your immune system loses from alcohol consumption. It tasted a bit like Ribena and apple juice to me so I guess its sort of like an fruity energy drink with all its vitamins.

PROS: Possibly might save you from a hangover, Convenient size for one shot although I wonder if it could be sold in larger bottles? Will be available at premium liquor stores, bars and clubs
CONS: The bottle didn't provide any ingredient details (perhaps the packaging hasn't been finalised?), You'll have to remember to drink it rather than trying to take it once you have a hangover, I'm not sure if it'll save your liver from damage, Available only online at the moment
MUST TRY: Remembering to drink alcohol in moderation and having lots of water if you do

IVY Anti-Hangover Shot ($10 for a 2 pack, 90 ml each) produced by The Feel Good Factory

No supplement facts listed on the bottle which is a little strange but manufactured and bottled by Beverage Solution Tech

Vodka and ginger beer cocktail

Lychee cocktail

Duck pancakes — these were quite popular amongst the guests


Vegetarian canapes

Vegetarian spring rolls — I LOVE spring rolls and these were pretty good

Mini quiche and Food Is Our Religion aiming up her shot

Shepherds pie

Sausage roll — an interesting take on a sausage roll

IVY is the brainchild of two young brothers

Enjoying the cocktails


Tweeting about IVY I presume

DJ Emily Scott in the house. DJ's have changed a lot since I went clubbing — they used to be mostly blokes

Pretty sexy decor — I love the old lamp shades


Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

When I first read the title of your post I instantly thought of Justin Hemmes. Considering he owns 'drinking establishments' and one in particular is of a very similar name to this "cure", wonder what he thinks of the naming of it?

Kit & Kaboodle looks like a pretty cosy place to chill :)

sugarpuffi said...

smart idea! i dont need it though...i never get hangovers no matter how much i drink

Food is our religion said...

Nice post Simon! I want more of those Shepherds pies and the shot tasted more like pomegranate juice to me lol

Anonymous said...

interesting product... although plenty of water before bed works equally. love kit & kadoodle though, it's such a funky bar :D

Simon Leong said...

hi sara, actually i was thinking it was related to Justin Hemmes IVY as well when I first read about it too.

hi sugarpuffi, you must have a great metabolism. i used to suffer after 10 drinks but these days it's about 4-5 drinks. getting old ;-(

hi food is our religion, i can see why you'd think pomegranate juice too.

hi minibites, can't go wrong with plenty of water that's for sure :-)

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