02 February 2012

Follow Me Foodie: 'Shit Foodies Say' video (1 Feb 2012)

It's a bit scary when it's so true

Thanks to a tweet I saw by Belly Rumbles I was curious to watch this video called Shit Foodies Say by Follow Me Foodie which was apparently inspired by another video called Shit Girls Say. I simply loved it so I had to post about it to share. It made me laugh so much because I've felt like I've said and done at least 50% of what was shown in the video at one time or another. It was like I was watching a female version of me dining out and taking photos. It's a bit scary when it's so true. Especially when taking photos of food and looking for the best source of light on the table or near a window. I've often said So what's the best thing here or What's your signature dishes. I've asked Do you make that in-house like for ice cream and cakes, What would you order? I can relate to I need a picture of that or I say Can I take a picture of that? And of course all foodies want to try everyone elses dish just to make sure they can then decide which dish they preferred the most. We certainly don't want to miss out on anything or is that just me.

I look forward to seeing more Follow Me Foodie videos and hope they're just as entertaining and professionally made. By the way if you didn't know Follow Me Foodie is currently the second most viewed food blog on Urbanspoon in the world.

Shit Foodies Say

Shit Girls Say


Miss Kimbers said...

Hehe very funny! She didn't do the 'take a photo by resting your camera on a glass for stability' thing;)

gaby said...


MissPiggy said...

That was a pretty funny skit wasn't it. Why have I never thought of taking the plate TO the window for better light. Der!

Detective Chow said...

Hehehe. Guilty of a few of those, too. Thanks for sharing, Simon.

Miss Piggy, I don't think you were supposed to get ideas from the video!

Simon Leong said...

hi miss kimbers, that might be in Episode 2 perhaps :-) plus how about using iPhones and iPads for light

hi gaby, very funny

hi misspiggy, i always look for the best light. i've even tried taking photos at the kitchen pass but the yellow lights are usually too harsh

hi detective chow, hope she makes more of them

Richard Elliot said...

Great find Simon! There was a bit of me in there!

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, i think there's a bit of this in everyone, even non-bloggers.

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