05 February 2012

Joe Cross 'Reboot Tour' visits Supa Centa Moore Park, Sydney (4 Feb 2012)

Regaining your natural health

For those who watched the film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on tv this week will have already heard about inspirational quest of Joe Cross to loose weight and get healthy by drinking only fresh juice for 60 days while travelling across the United States. In contrast to Supersize Me which actually made me think about wanting some McDonald's french fries after watching it believe it or not, Joe's movie made me want to get a freshly squeezed juice. After liking his Facebook group I noticed he was on a tour around Australia visiting Woolworths stores to promote his new juices plus also Harvey Norman in the Supa Centa Moore Park which was handy and very good timing for me. Breville seemed to be his juicer of choice but with only a quick 30 minutes available I missed out on seeing the juicing demonstration and most of what he had to say although noticed he was a very confident public speaker. I did get a chance to try his Reboot Juice #1 which I was hoping for anyway. The flavours were pretty balanced and likable for me and initially I noticed the cucumber taste. It definitely tasted like a healthy drink and I'll have to see if I can get it during the week when I'm at work. Would be great to be able to make it at work and share the healthy love around the office.

Reboot Recipe Juice #1
6 Kale leaves
1 Cucumber
4 Celery stalks
2 Green apples
1/2 Lemon
1 Piece of ginger

PROS: Very healthy and made from all natural ingredients, Full of vitamins and minerals, Simple ingredients, Easy process to make if you have a juicer
CONS: You have to buy a juicer if you want to make it yourself and then clean it too
MUST TRY: Getting more fresh juices during the week and checking out the Reboot juices in Woolworths

Juicing demonstration

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Reboot Recipe Juice #1

Interested crowd amongst the appliances

Breville juicers being used

Breville product placement

Reality bites

Nespresso machines taking advantage of the crowd action

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Miss Kimbers said...

I liked the trailer:) Though I have a problem with only consuming juice. Does he now consume solids as well?

penny aka jeroxie said...

I have one of this. Used to use it everyday when my kitchen was bigger and it can be visible on my bench top. Juicing vegetables are awesome. Better skin too ;)

Simon Leong said...

hi miss kimbers, i believe he has more solids now but keeps to healthy options

hi penny, so many good nutrients must be good for the skin and very cleansing. if i was given a juice every morning before going to work i'd definitely drink it. it's the making of it and cleaning up after that i don't enjoy.

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