22 June 2012

The Famous Berry Donut Van: Donuts, Berry (19 Nov 2011)

73 Queen Street, Berry NSW 2535
Mon – Thu: 9 am – 6 pm, Fri – Sat: 8 am – 11 pm, Sun: 8 am – 6 pm 

Berry good donuts made fresh

It seems the Donut Van has undergone a renovation since I last visited Berry about 10 years ago. I also vaguely remember the van being located on the outer grounds of the petrol station but now is located in front of a house next door to the petrol station which the owners also have access to. I believe the original owners have changed as well but the donut legend lives on. My donuts ($1.20 each) are freshly deep fried to order and piping hot when served. There's an enjoyable outer crust while the inside was still quite soft. One of them had perhaps taken on a bit too much oil on one side of its surface making it more unhealthy than the other. The size was quite decent so I'm pretty full from the two. The shape was more rustic than your usual machine made ones you'd find in a shopping mall outlet and the texture and consistency slightly more thicker. I'm not sure if their coffee is any good but it would probably help in digesting the sugary treats.

PROS: Freshly made to order, Fair amount of seating available, Reasonably priced item
CONS: No healthy points, A long way from Sydney for a donut
MUST TRY: Donuts
VERDICT: For those who love their donuts it's hard to pass through Berry without buying one from the Donut Van

'Why these donuts are the best you have ever tasted'

Donut ($1.20 each)

Fair amount of covered seating

Unisex toilet available — quite small and warm on a hot day but if you need to go it'll be a life saver

Right next door to the Shell petrol station


PIE-314 said...

So, is Donut Van a truck, or does it include the house too? Here, there are lots of food trucks, with food made to order (cheesesteaks, crepes, rice, falafel, etc.) and at lunch times, people order and wait for 5 mins or so. There are no seating areas! I like how you described one doughnut as "unhealthy" looking hahaha.

Simon Leong said...

hi PIE-314, it's an old converted caravan i think that never moves. the house i think is occupied by the owners so they use the outside grounds of it for the seating but you can't go into the house.

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