16 June 2012

Andrews Hamburgers: Burgers, Albert Park, VIC (26 May 2012)

144 Bridport Street, Albert Park VIC 3206

Old school burger cravings

When I get a craving in Sydney for an old school hamburger I tend to visit Charlie's Cafe for lunch in Woolloomooloo so when I heard about the famed Andrews Hamburgers in Melbourne I had to put it on my burger wish list. I probably shouldn't have had a bite to eat at Chez Dré before having the Beef burger with 'The Lot' ($10.50) but luckily I chose to walk from the CBD and back again to burn off the calories. The Lot comes with lettuce, cooked onions, tomato sauce, egg, bacon, tomato and cheese with a surprise bonus side of decent chips when I dined in. The size of the burger wasn't enormous but definitely generous enough to satisfy a hungry stomach and more than enough for me. It was a bit hard to eat without becoming messy so thankfully it wasn't any bigger although to truly be called a burger with the lot I think it needs to also included beetroot and pineapple. I'd happily visit this place again although probably would opt for the more humble basic burger with beetroot which is usually my preference. Such a shame it's not located closer to the CBD but I'm sure the suburban locals are more than happy with that. I meet the down-to-earth owner Greg Pappas sporting a cheery smile in the kitchen who has an impressive collection of wall photos of celebrities that have visited the shop. The only question that remains for me is why the place is called Andrews Hamburgers?

PROS: Reasonably priced menu, Family friendly service, Decent portion, Dining in seems to include a side of chips
CONS: Can get a bit messy to eat, Probably not the healthiest meal on the planet, Very limited seating inside so more suited to takeaway
MUST TRY: Beef burger with 'The Lot' if you have the appetite
VERDICT: Old school burger cravings will be satisfied
Beef burger with 'The Lot': Lettuce, cooked onions, tomato sauce, egg, bacon, tomato, cheese ($10.50) served with chips when dining in

Can get a bit messy to eat if you're not careful

Bill $10.50 for one

Service counter and kitchen

Limited seating inside

Grab yourself a sticker to show your support

Matt Preston was here

George Calombaris was here

Greg Pappas (owner) and Me

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Richard Elliot said...

Looks huge! I'm surprised you managed to eat it with your hands.

Are you going to frame and sign the photo with you and Greg so he can hang it on his wall? ;-)

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

A good burger falls apart as you try to eat it. That burger looks huge hhehe

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, i must have big hands hehe — I hope Greg uses the photo and pins it to the wall :-)

hi tina, you certainly get a lot of feed for your buck with The Lot.

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