26 June 2012

Glass Brasserie at Hilton Sydney introduces new breakfast dish, CBD Sydney (11 May 2012)

Level 2, 488 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Starting your day with a buffet

Thanks to Lorna O'Neill from the Hilton Sydney for inviting me to sample the new signature breakfast dish by Executive Chef Carl Middleton along with the rest of the Full Australian Buffet ($42 per person). Carl was pretty proud of his Beach wood house smoked salmon with English potato scones, pan roasted asparagus, free range scrambled eggs & baby watercress ($24) which could either be put together yourself or have one of the chefs do it for you — I chose the later. The smoked salmon seemed to be smoked just enough so it didn't overpower the taste and went well with the scrambled eggs and asparagus. I would have probably preferred the crunchier texture of the hash browns over the softish English potato scones — but maybe that's because I'm a bit of a hash brown fanatic. I loved how the fresh juices were ready for the taking in the buffet and I made my own classic big breakfast with bacon, egg, sausage, baked beans, french toast and of course hash brown to start. For a bit of dessert the guava danish was good and I loved the size of the tempting mini fruit donuts although I would have loved a bit more fruit in the one I tried. As far as buffet breakfasts go it was a pretty impressive and somewhat overwhelming display of variety which even included a few Asian dishes. After the breakfast feasting the small group of bloggers were taken on a behind-the-scenes tour showcasing the vast network of kitchens that run 24/7 to keep up with the dining requirements of a large hotel.

PROS: Nice decor and seating, Impressive selection available for the buffet, Above average quality for a hotel buffet, Welcoming service
CONS: It's hard not to be a glutton when presented with a full buffet, Serious calorie intact is inevitable especially in the pastry section
MUST TRY: Allowing enough time to fully appreciate a full buffet and taking the rest of the day off to recover
Executive Chef Carl Middleton

Dining area

Chefs table for our breakfast

Dining area

Hot chocolate — good choc flavour and temperature

My make your own big breakfast from the buffet

Beach wood house smoked salmon with English potato scones, pan roasted asparagus, free range scrambled eggs & baby watercress

Mini jam filled donut and guava danish

Chef's new breakfast dish

Spoilt for choice

Fresh juices

Chinese dumplings — I think I'll stick to the bacon

Maple syrup and Organic syrup

You had me at Hash Brown

These Bircher Museli looked good but didn't get to try

Mini fruit jam donuts — evil evil evil!

Danishes — serious temptations

Carb station

Sweet toppings

Reflection shot

Goodie bag of 2 for 1 voucher for buffet and 10 complimentary take away coffees

Behind-the-scenes kitchen tour

Room service dish presentation reference photos

Love the open foyer with high ceiling

View from glass brasserie

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Vivian - vxdollface said...

mm I'm a hash brown fanatic too ^^ love the reflection shot! Great selection of food in the buffet, hotel breakfast buffets are always such a gluttonous treat. Reminds me of being on holidays :)

Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

I missed the do it yourself guide. The smoked salmon was fantastic and I love their buffet breakfasts in general.

Simon Leong said...

hi vivian, hotel buffets remind me of holidays as well. i generally go for the big breakfast combo for a few days and then end up just having fruit salad and yoghurt on about the 3rd or 4th day but can always fit in a hash brown :-)

hi sara, hope to use the 2 for 1 breakfast deal but i'm such a non morning person so it'll be a struggle to get there in time.

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Love a good bugget. The one at the Hilton looks great! I should suggest a team brekkie for work.

Anonymous said...

where can i get the 2 for 1 breakfast vouchor?

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, i think those sort of 2 for 1 vouchers are only given out to perhaps hotel guests or by the PR for media. i probably won't have time to use mine and it expires by 31 July so if you think you can use it let me know and you're welcome to have it if you can collect from me in the CBD or email me with your address details.

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