20 June 2012

International Food Safari 2012 Launch at The Loft, King Street Wharf, Sydney (19 June 2012)

Various Restaurants, King Street Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000

King of the food safari

Thanks to Mikaila Faber from The Keystone Group for inviting me to the launch of the International Food Safari at theloft. Every month in Sydney seems to have some sort of food festival happening and King Street Wharf have decided to have their own presented by Best Restaurants between Monday 25 June to Sunday 8 July 2012. You'll find 13 restaurants have banded together providing their own special menus or events. You'll need to find 6-10 hungry people for the Bungalow 8 Whole Suckling Pig ($490) or if flying solo you'll be able to check out Kobe Jones Sake Experience ($60 per person). The Loft itself is holding a Cocktails Of The World event complete with 5 cocktails & canapés ($35 per person) on 5 July which sounds like a bargain to me. Con from Nick's Bar and Grill was freshly shucking 3 year old Merimbula Sydney Rock Oysters which were excellent making them a favourite of the night. I'm now tempted to check out the Seafood Platter ($160) at their restaurant which includes local NSW lobster which apparently is supposed to be better than the Western lobster — they say anyway. The Bungalow 8 BBQ Pork Steamed Buns with Shitake Slaw, Plum Sauce, Crackling was pretty good too. The steamed buns were light and soft and the ingredients pretty tasty. Cocktails flowed freely which some might have thought were a bit on the sweet side but I managed to down about three — alcohol content was most evident.

PROS: Event wasn't overly crowded, Excellent freshly shucked oysters, Friendly event service, Nice venue and decor
CONS: I didn't have the opportunity to try all the food on offer, Drinks on a school night
MUST TRY: Oysters at Nick's Bar and Grill
VERDICT: Fun and interesting launch event that ran smoothly although the drink vouchers in the goodie bag expire 8 April so I'm not sure what's happened there
Welcoming Polynesian dancers proudly sporting their grass skirts

Soda Pop Punch anyone — yes please!

Cargo Bar cocktail — now that's my kind of size glass

Con from Nick's Bar and Grill makes his way through the 28 dozen or so Merimbula 3 year Sydney Rock Oysters

Merimbula 3 year Sydney Rock Oysters freshly shucked

Bungalow 8 BBQ Pork Steamed Buns with Shitake Slaw, Plum Sauce, Crackling
WORTH TRYING :-)          

Casa di Nico Italian Restaurant pizza twirling — I know I can't do this

Vessel Italian Saffron orecchiette with prawn, scallop, peas & herbs

I Thai pad thai

Kobe Jones Wharf Teppanyaki Lolly Pop Sushi

The Malaya popiah

Georges Restaurant in action

La Cita salsa fresca chorizo sausage on homemade garlic toast

Steersons Grilled sirloin with radicchio, blue cheese dressing & hazelnuts

Kids, don't try this at home

I call this one the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon pose

Nice pork buns Chocolatesuze (left)

The Brookfield team I believe

Going in for the kill shot of the cocktail


King Street Wharf

Goodie bag including apron and Nick's thongs — I'll be sure to wear them when I visit

Oh no — complimentary drink vouchers dated to expire 8 April 2012 and it's 19 June 2012 #fail

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tastyfoodsnaps said...

look at those steamed pork buns ... *drools

Simon Leong said...

hi tastyfoodsnaps, and the best thing about them they're available normally on their menu!

Alecia said...

I see you decided against my double chin/tongue poke pic options :) Thanks for the pork bun photo shoot!

Simon Leong said...

hi alecia, i was tempted but couldn't find a double chin shot but i'll keep the tongue poke for the blackmail ;-) i'm hoping to use the Steersons Steakhouse voucher in the next couple of week. email me if ur available in the city for a lunch catchup to use them.

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