22 August 2012

McDonald's: The Serious Lamb Burger, Randwick (20 Aug 2012)

Shop 20, Royal Randwick Shopping Centre
73 Belmore Road, Randwick NSW 2031

Silence of the serious lambs

I'm sure haters of the golden arches will never try this burger but for those of us like myself who sometimes dabble in the black magic of McDonald's I think they've come up with a new burger that might actually be worthy as a stayer on the menu. On first inspection The Serious Lamb Burger ($7.95) looks nothing like its glorfied pinup photo on the advertising material. Perhaps the large slices of red onion have set the ingredients off kilter. It sizes up larger than the other menu burgers which is also reflected in the premium price. This one is best not attempted one handed if you're wearing a nice suit. The flavour combination is agreeable to my palate even with the over cooked egg and heavy bite of red onion. A better constructed burger without cantilevers, a runnier egg and thinner slices of onion would make it better for me. Their reliable crispy Fries ($1 small) completes my quick lunch without a postmix soft drink which I tend to avoid these days so I can believe I've been that little bit healthier.

PROS: Something new to try for the McDonald's fans, I think it's one of their better new menu burgers they've introduced compared to others I've tried like the Sydney Stack
CONS: Bun is probably high in sugar, Can be messy to eat due to its size, Poorly presented looking like a dog's breakfast, No nutritional information printed on the wrapper
MUST TRY: Avoiding to eat too much McDonald's
The Serious Lamb Burger ($7.95)
WORTH TRYING :-) — If you generally like McDonald's
Noticeably larger than your average McDonald's burger
Very bad match to the advertised version 

I'm not a fan of large slices of onion
Lamb patty is relatively large to cheeseburger patty, bun is quite soft
Fries ($1 small)
Two hands are definitely recommended to eat this one
I reckon 'Champions of Marketing' would be a more apt 
Bill $8.95 for 1

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joey@FoodiePop said...

The burger is tasty but it's so awkward to eat with its size and construction. Maybe a smaller one is warranted.

Anonymous said...

I had a lamb burger the other night. I did not like the taste of the meat or the sauce. The bun was nice enough though.I would rather eat any of their beef burgers even though I love lamb. I could not finish it as I disliked the flavour.I have tasted better flavoured processed lamb patties in my work as a chef.

Christine said...

Thanks for reviewing this burger Simon! I've been dying to try it ever since the ads came out. Glad to hear an opinion on what its like before I give it a try :)

Miss Kimbers said...

I like it how you review take away:) It's very amusing.

I was going to say you did a good job making the burger look presentable and that I did not think it looked like a 'dog's breakfast'. Then I saw the McDonalds photo...You wouldn't think it was the same burger!

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

I'm very impressed with the presentation of this burger. Doesn't look like it belongs to mcdonalds, though.

Anonymous said...

Nice review - keep it up! I had the 'taster lamb wrap' (like a mini version) the other day, not really expecting to like it, but I did - the lamb was delicious, moist and filling, and with a touch of herb. Yum! Not too sure about trying the burger though.

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, i do concur. i also tried the lamb snack which was quite nice as well but not as filling.

hi anonymous, thanks for your feedback. their bun seemed different from their usual menu. perhaps they should try using the same bun on their beef burgers too.

hi christine, let me know what you think if you get to try.

hi miss kimbers, someone has to do it hehe

hi tina, maybe they were going for the messier it looks the more it doesn't look so processed ;-)

hi anonymous, i had it yesterday and thought it was quite good too. i reckon if they cooked on a coal bbq it would be even better giving a bit of a smokey flavour.

Anonymous said...

Gotta be Macca's best burger. I tried in Townsville & it lived up to the hype. But it is huge so beware - use at least two hands. I noticed that the food hall at the shopping mall was filled with the rosemary smell from the lamburgers - free advertising for McDz. Some reviewers said that this burger is too good for Maccas. They could be right.

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, sounds like a good thing for McDonald's moving in the direction of burgers that are more what people want to have.

Anonymous said...

I actually could not help but laugh when I saw how they constructed your burger! I tried it at Bondi, they constructed it much better (almost looked like how it did in the pictures), and it was actually really tasty - my friends and I were very impressed!

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, i might have to try again and see how they present it next time :-)

Anonymous said...

HAHA. The burger has been put together very pourly...

I must say, my partner and I are HUGE fans of the lamb wrap. We do not go to MacDonald's for any other reason except the occasional breakfast and now a hang over cure.

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