03 September 2012

Thanh Binh: Vietnamese lunch for my first Father's Day, Newtown (2 Sept 2012)

111 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042

Family favourite for Vietnamese

This year I celebrate Father's Day as a new dad at one of my family favourite Vietnamese restaurants in Newtown. Service is generally friendly, especially if you're served by Francoise and prices are reasonable for the quality. As creatures of habit we always tend to order the same dishes and can't go past the Fried Vietnamese spring rolls ($9, 3 rolls) with its side of lettuce and pickled vegetables and the Green papaya salad with prawn and pork ($12) stacked like a pyramid on its large sesame rice cracker. I'm also fan of their Vietnamese fried rice, snow peas, prawn, BBQ pork, Chinese sausage & egg ($14) instead of just steamed rice which is great for soaking up the juices from the Twice cooked soy aniseed duck ($24) although the duck meat could have been cut up more for better sharing this time around. Flavours in the Beef fillets, woodear mushroom, curried coconut sauce, crushed peanuts ($21) were enjoyable but more tender beef and less onions would have made it even better. The Calamari in spicy salt, capsicum salsa ($23) was a winner cooked with a crisper coating than usual making it even better than previously enjoyed. The accompanying citrus pepper dipping sauce is a great match providing extra zing for the taste buds. I liked the vibrant colour of the Crispy master-stock pork belly served on a salad of shaved cucumber, pineapple & Vietnamese mint ($24) with its decent amount of pork and crackling crunch to be found.

PROS: Good variety of dishes on the menu, Friendly service, Seems reasonably priced for the quality, Dishes are great for sharing
CONS: Best to book ahead to get a table during busy times, Service can sometimes be a bit absent when full and busy
MUST TRY: Fried Vietnamese spring rolls, Green papaya salad, Vietnamese fried rice, Calamari in spicy salt
VERDICT: The relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and Green Papaya Salad always brings me back to enjoy with the family
Cha gio Fried Vietnamese spring rolls (pork), salad greens & fish dipping sauce ($9, 3 rolls)
Green papaya salad with prawn, pork, mint, sesame rice cracker & crushed peanuts ($12) 
Vietnamese fried rice, snow peas, prawn, BBQ pork, Chinese sausage & egg ($14)
Twice cooked soy aniseed duck served on top of egg noodles with baby shitake and bok choy ($24)
Beef fillets, woodear mushroom, curried coconut sauce, crushed peanuts ($21)
Calamari in spicy salt, capsicum salsa ($23)
Crispy master-stock pork belly served on a salad of shaved cucumber, pineapple & Vietnamese mint in a tangy dressing ($24)

Reflection shot in teapot
Bill $130 for 5 
Chocolate mints always a nice way to finish

A Father's Day surprise from my youngest fan — I gotta get me one of these t-shirts!

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Richard Elliot said...

I love the t-shite Simon. I'm sure there are fans of the blog out there who would love to buy one if you produced a special edition! ;-)

Christine @ Cooking Crusade said...

Congratulations on your first Father's day - how lovely! Absolutely love that adorable little shirt - soooo cute!

sophie @teathymes said...

Awww such an adorable tee and a good way for getting more awareness for the blog haha..! Gotta love the little Viet places off Newtown, the duck star anise has caught my attention..

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Best baby tee ever!!! Happy Fathers Day to you :) Looks like a fab meal

gaby @ lateraleating said...

Great that you got to enjoy one of your favourite feeds for Father's Day. Great t-shirt :)

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, i wanna buy one myself hehe

hi christine, thanks, she does look cute in the new tshirt

hi sophie, hope you get to try the place

hi nic, i think so too hehe, was a great meal

hi gaby, always a favourite place for me too

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