11 September 2012

David’s Kitchen: Asian Cuisine, CBD Sydney (7 Aug, 10 Sept 2012)

320-324 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000
or via 233 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000

One stop Asian lunch spot

Thanks to a reader recommendation by R.S. on my Laksa post I've now discovered the original David's Kitchen in the Telstra building. I used to be a regular at David's Kitchen under the Colonial Centre building at Martin Place but since the beginning of the year haven't enjoyed their dishes as much. I found out David sold this place about 9 months ago to new owners so hence the difference in cooking style. Apparently the one located in the Telstra building was the original shop which I've never known about until now and has been running for over a decade. The Hai Nan Chicken Rice ($8.50) comes with a generous amount of chicken which is moist, tender and silky as hoped with minimal bones. Unfortunately only steamed rice was available at the time and the ginger shallot mix is overly salty and there's no chilli or side soup supplied but the chicken itself is a winner and one of the better ones around town. The Hai Nan Chicken Laksa ($9) is good value and the laksa broth has a decent amount of depth. I think I still prefer the Malay-Chinese version which also has better spongy tofu for soaking up the soup. For a cheap lunch grab an extra bowl and share with someone. On a return visit (10 Sept 2012) I try the generous Har Mee ($10) with decent flavour and comes with four large deveined prawns, char siu and a fried egg. I'd happily order again for a Har Mee fix although for intensity of prawn flavour nothing has come close to Singapore Shiok which reminds me I must revisit again. To get to David's Kitchen you can enter via Pitt Street or Castlereagh street.

PROS: Reasonably priced, Tender and silky chicken, The original owner of David's Kitchen is here, Fair amount of seating available
CONS: Ginger and shallot condiment is overly salty, Hai Nan chicken didn't come with a side soup
MUST TRY: Hai Nan Chicken Laksa combo simply for the value, Har Mee
VERDICT: A great find for an Asian lunch time fix
Hai Nan Chicken Rice ($8.50)

Bone factor not too bad

Hai Nan Chicken Laksa ($9)

Tofu not as spongy and soft as Malay-Chinese

Har Mee ($10)

Fried egg instead of the usual boiled egg I usually see

Peak hour lunch crowd

Late lunch time

The man himself keeping the lunch crowd happy

Hai Nan special order menu

Soup menu

Fried rice and noodle menu

Thai menu


Food court seating

Previous David's Kitchen located under Colonial Centre 52 Martin Place which was sold but they've retained the name

Entry option 1: 320-324 Pitt Street

Entry option 2: 233 Castlereagh Street

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Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog today and just can't stop reading! I love how you post lots of photos, especially of the building and surrounds as it is incredibly helpful in locating the place. I'm enjoying your blog incredibly and can't wait to try out your recommendations. Cheers, Lori

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous lori, thanks for the positive feedback. much appreciated. i always try and show as much about the place as possible so readers know what to expect. happy reading :-)

Anonymous said...

hi do you know if this place is open on the weekend or only during the week?


Anonymous said...

This place is only open on weekdays and that is the only bad thing about it.

chinese food kent said...
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