21 October 2012

The Local Taphouse: Pub specialising in Craft Beers, Darlinghurst (29 Oct 2011)

122 Flinders Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

The Local gets a top up

A friend's birthday drinks brings me to The Local Taphouse for a few casual drinks. For those overwhelmed by the impressive variety of beer choices on the menu you can always ask the bartender to suggest a few for a Tasting paddle ($15, 5 x 90 ml) which I did. In hindsight I actually thought I should have picked the five most expensive beers since it was going to cost the same price anyway. I'll have to remember this tactic for next time. Having just had lunch I wasn't too hungry so just enjoyed the Beer battered steak fries with chilli served with saison aioli ($8). I hope to try the spicy buffalo wings next time though which sound like a tasty option that would go down nicely with a beer. A new roof top seating area takes advantage of a nice sunny afternoon and becomes more popular than the homely couches inside. I really like the interesting and somewhat quirky decor of this pub and with so many craft beers available I'm sure it'll satisfy even the most hardened of beer connoisseurs.

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PROS: Specialising in craft beers, Extensive variety, Interesting and homely decor, Helpful bar service on this visit, New roof top seating
CONS: Quality crafted beers rarely come cheap, You won't really find your stock standard commercially made beers here (but that's probably a good thing)
MUST TRY: Tasting paddle so you can sample a few different beers
VERDICT: A great pub to satisfy beer connoisseurs or those looking for an interesting place to catchup with friends

Beers on tap and bottled

Beer battered steak fries with chilli served with saison aioli ($8) — nicely cooked and always a winning side in a pub

Tasting paddle ($15, 5 x 90 ml) — great idea to sample a few beers

Tasting paddle notes

Bar snacks — I must try their spicy buffalo wings next time

Tasting notes comes in very handy

Spooky tips during halloween

Rooftop makes for a great spot on a nice afternoon

Reflection shot

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gaby @ lateraleating said...

I used to love this place in my beer drinking time.

foodie cravings said...

I was really impressed with the local taphouse when we were over in Melbourne, at the time Perth didn't have any rooftop bars :) just need the same local taphouse to come over to Perth now.

Catherine Bedson said...

This place sounds great Simon, especially like the beer paddle option. I'll have to drop by next time I'm in Sydney.

Simon Leong said...

hi gaby, it certainly has great appeal for beer lovers.

hi foodie cravings, one day perth will have such places if it doesn't have them already i'm sure

hi catherine, let me know if you do get a chance. hopefully it's a great experience for you.

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