04 June 2013

Albee's Kitchen: Malaysian, Campsie (1 June 2013)

282 Beamish Street, Campsie NSW 2194

Popular Malaysian in Campsie

After walking around the Campsie Food Festival I headed with the family to Albee's Kitchen nearby for a Malaysian lunch. It's been over 3.5 years since I first visited this restaurant back in September 2009. It looks like they've updated their menu since then plus their branding and it's good to see they're still very popular. I discovered they have a back dining room which I actually prefer to the front seating area because it had more natural light and table space for larger groups. Portion sizes were generous and prices are thankfully also reasonable. The Hainanese Chicken Rice ($9.50) was quite nice with an enjoyable side of chilli and ginger sauce. The boneless breast meat was fairly tender although I tend to prefer the thigh which is usually more silky moist but I'm not sure if this option is available — hopefully it is. The side soup was a bit tasteless but the rice was quite nicely flavoured. The Seafood Laksa ($11.50) comes in a huge bowl with lots of seafood. It had a fair chilli kick although I still prefer the depth of flavour at Malay Chinese in the city. Char Tuey Teow ($10.50) was another large portion dish with chinese sausage, prawn and even pipis I believe. It could have done with a bit more wok hei to add more flavour but it was enjoyable enough. There ended up being so much left over to fill a take away container. Service was efficient and quite friendly and helpful. Decor simple and basic and the atmosphere cheap and cheerful. If the place was closer to home I'm sure I'd be visiting it more often for a Malaysian fix.

PROS: Reasonably priced, Generous portions, Extensive menu, Fair amount of seating although does fill up, High chair available
CONS: Cash only, Baby change table not available, Wish it was closer to home
MUST TRY: Returning to try other dishes
VERDICT: Cheap and cheerful Malaysian restaurant with plenty of choices that are reasonably priced for the portion size
Hainanese Chicken Rice ($9.50)

Seafood Laksa ($11.50)
Char Tuey Teow ($10.50)
Generous enough for take away leftovers
Well used menu
Picture menu
Table setting including a ladle spoon
Front dining area
Back dining area
Bill $32.10 for 3 +baby

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milkteaxx said...

this is my local malaysian! i love it here! cheap and delicious!

Jarhead said...

Top review! That Hainanese Chicken Rice looks great. But I'd say the Chicken Rice at Petaling Street still takes the cake...

Anonymous said...

Cheap and generous, good stuff!

MG said...

if you live in Eastern Suburb, they recently open the store in Kingsford

Annie said...

been craving for Malaysian food lately. looks like somewhere i would visit regularly if i lived closer too

excusemewaiter said...

I've heard great things about Albee's, it's a bit far but looks like it's worth the trek!

Shanshan Lam said...

love the food here and their pricing! it is ridiculously cheap!

Simon Leong said...

hi milkteaxx, you're so lucky to have it as your local

hi jarhead, i'm a fan of petaling street chicken rice as well which i agree was better for me too

hi lateraleating, cheap and generous is usually a winner most of the time if half decent

hi mg, thanks for the tip. i didn't know about that.

hi annie, i would visit more often too if i lived closer

hi excusemewaiter, MG mentioned there's one in kingsford as well if that's closer. hopefully they're just as good as i'm sure there's only one chef.

hi shanshan, ridiculously cheap indeed

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