30 July 2013

'Feeding the 5000' free lunch by OzHarvest and UNEP, Martin Place, Sydney (29 July 2013)

Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000

Think. Eat. Save. Sydney.

Martin Place was awash with yellow as OzHarvest and United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) aimed to feed 5000 people a free hot lunch using rescued food that otherwise would have just ended up as landfill. Free tickets to the event were sold out but volunteers still let people walking past know they could come in for a free feed. I arrived late so missed out on seeing many of the chefs that had prepared the dishes but managed to try a very nice vegetable curry and some very delicious desserts. Thanks to Sylvia Fonseca from Liquid Ideas for letting me know about this special event and Cecilia Koong for helping me with extra information on the day.

PROS: Free event, Awareness of a great cause, Very delicious desserts, Amazing support from chefs and volunteers
CONS: There's no avoiding a queue with so many people
MUST TRY: Avoiding to waste food
VERDICT: Great tips and inspiration for the public on how to save on waste

Vegetable curry
Bread and butter pudding with chantilly cream
Apple crumble with chantilly cream 
Sticky date pudding and fruit crumble with chantilly cream
Julia Dean (UNEP) and Ronni Kahn (OzHarvest)
Dessertmakers and Pepe Saya 
Maeve O'Meara (Gourmet Safaris) and Chef Lauren Murdoch (3 Weeds)

Big pot stirrers
Pepe Saya and Brasserie Bread
Sylvia Fonseca and Stevie the video guy 

Somer Sivrioglu from Efendy
Chefs from Biota, Somer from Efendy and Louise Tran from OzHarvest
Selfie with Maeve 
Selfie with Alana 
Selfie with Cecilia Koong
300 kg of lemons makes a lot of lemonade

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mshelenwu said...

It's great to support such a worthwhile cause and event!

Xin @ Adelaidefoodies said...

Wow, the event in Sydney is definitely bigger and more food's provided. I popped down to Feeding the 5000 in Adelaide today. It was smaller but good enough to bring local attentions on food waste~

Tina said...

Great coverage Simon, and good to see you!

Tambourine said...

I love the concept, and wholeheartedly agree with the practice. Great coverage Simon! Love the popup milk crate garden

bob @jugernauts.com said...

wonderful that you've covering this simon. I could have applied for a ticket but didn't as I think it would have gone to better use for others but I think what ozharvest is doing is fantastic! I hope that the message gets people thinking. We're so lucky in australia to have great produce and ample food when so many people in the world don't get the oppourtunity to eat a proper meal. Its just such a great intiative. The fact that statistics say we throw out 20% off what we buy is something we don't think about enough!

Eha said...

You should have heard me clap from a 100 kms away [home soil!]!!

Anonymous said...

Great way of walking the walk and talking the talk. On another note, the event could be renamed to "chantilly cream" :)

Simon Leong said...

hi helen, definitely have to support our charities any way we can

hi xin, i guess the most important thing is the awareness and making it happen all around Australia. great to hear adelaide was part of it

hi tina, good to see you too

hi tambourine, i was thinking it was a great pop up garden too. perhaps it should be there permanently

hi bob, i'm going to try and not waste too many of my groceries. sometimes you just forget what's in the fridge. perhaps if we had smaller fridges we wouldn't buy as much to fit in them and be more conscious of what we're buying

hi eha, i think i heard you :-)

hi lateraleating, that chantilly cream was the biz :-)

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