27 March 2014

Wanting to create your own Media Kit for PR? Here's my Social Media Kit Stats as inspiration (27 Mar 2014)

Let's get socially active

So you've been asked by a PR company for a media kit about your food blog but have no idea what to give them. Well here's my Social Media Kit Stats which I thought might be of interest to other food bloggers if you don't know where to start or what you might want to include. Keep in mind this is what I feel would be important for a PR company to know about me and my social media reach. Just like a resume there's countless ways you can provide information about your food blog or any type of blog for that matter that might be helpful for PR companies if they're looking to approach a blogger. I think at the end of the day it boils down to what you want to share, what the PR company might find useful to know and what's achievable in obtaining current stats at the time you need to provide them. I've chosen something that hopefully gives a good overview of my interests and provides enough stats that I can easily obtain quickly. Free free to base your media kit on something similar or just take as inspiration for developing your own media kit if you don't  already have one. I find each time I update it it's interesting to see how its changed and it's also a great way to remind you of what you've achieved and perhaps give you inspiration of where can improve. Over time I'm sure it will develop and change depending on what might be necessary to share but at the moment it seems to give me and hopefully PR companies a good snapshot of what Simon Food Favourites is all about.

SOCIAL MEDIA KIT STATS for Simon Food Favourites as of 27 March 2014

Interests: Food, Restaurants, Bars, Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie, Special Events, Runway, Launches, Art, Sculpture, Festivals, Burlesque, Health, Kid Friendly products and venues

Simon Food Favourites
(since 1 October 2008)

Current pageviews per month: 49K+ (mostly Australia)
These details are always available on the blog located on the right hand side and automatically updated daily

Twitter: 4748 followers / following 50

Some notable retweets:

Instagram: 1124 followers / following 20
(since 19 July 2013)

Some popular Instagram likes:
Hot Star Large Fried Chicken http://instagram.com/p/l8-2biNET-/
Momo Brasserie Burger http://instagram.com/p/l6jaqZtEVH/
Jones the Grocer creme brûlée http://instagram.com/p/lzFyfHNEXE/
Art Gallery of NSW strawberry cheesecake art http://instagram.com/p/loYQjNtEUc/
Taste of Sydney icon park dish http://instagram.com/p/ll_OXrNEQF/
Strawberry & Watermelon Cake http://instagram.com/p/isYsk_NEYP/

Simon Food Favourites Facebook: 1377 followers
This is my food blog facebook account

Examples of event photography:
Moutai Store Opening Launch, Haymarket - 18 March 2014 http://on.fb.me/PLJKSF
Nakd Water Media Launch, Cafe Del Mar, Sydney - 1 Mar 2014 http://on.fb.me/1fSYk3P
Cocktail & Tapas Degustation at The Carlisle Bar - 26 Feb 2014 http://on.fb.me/1qX0RPx
Qantas Restaurants Launch, Rockpool Bar & Grill - 4 Feb 2014 http://on.fb.me/1eQ2TI1
Myer Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Collection Launch - 8 Aug 2013 http://on.fb.me/18juXlB
Establishment Birthday Party - 18 Sept 2013 http://on.fb.me/16vEzrn
Chef George Calombaris with Morning Fresh - 17 Oct 2013 http://on.fb.me/1aEzzbZ
Red Lantern on Riley 1st Birthday - 22 July 2013 http://on.fb.me/16COW1b

Sydney Food Bloggers Facebook: 1179 followers
I started this group and I look after the admin

Yours sincerely
Simon Leong :-)
Sydney Food Blogger


bob @ jugernauts.com said...

honoured that we're one of the 50 you follow on twitter Mr Leong!

One of our favourite food blogger sir!

Padaek said...

Simon, this is an excellent social media stats kit! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and insight. :)

Amy zhong said...

great post!

Tammi Kwok said...

Those are very impressive stats! Thanks for sharing Simon!! =)

Eva@thehungryplum said...

Wow so many followers - mindblowing!
I wish it wasn't so important to stay connected though, some of us bloggers do it because we love it but have no time to create and update various social media accounts.
But well done on this fantastic achievement anyway. When is the next Sydney Food Bloggers meet up? I've been keen to come along for a while now :)

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