03 May 2019

McDonald's, Randwick (29 Apr 2019)

Royal Randwick Shopping Centre
73 Belmore Road, Randwick NSW 2031

Maccas returns to Randwick

After what seems like years McDonald's has returned to Royal Randwick Shopping Centre in a new location. Taking advantage of the corner spot it's well located near the bus stop and high pedestrian traffic. Seating is more suited for single and couple dining rather than families and ordering is via the displays rather than my preference of over the counter. Sausage Egg McMuffin ($4.45) and my guilty pleasure Hash Brown ($2.25) are good and served promptly via the table service available.

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02 May 2019

Mary's Underground, Sydney (1 May 2019)

7 Macquarie Place, Sydney NSW 2000

Vegan burger game changer

From first impressions it’s looking like one great step forward for vegan burgers in Sydney at the new Mary’s Underground. I was very impressed with Chicken Burger 'Vegan Option' with Fries ($18). After unwrapping, it visually brought back memories of their famous chicken burger. Clever use of the cauliflower that's been spiced up and deep fried for some pleasant crunch factor. Comes in a pillow soft bun that molds easily around the ingredients but manages to hold its structure well. Fantastic melty cheese which I wouldn't be able to pick it being vegan. Apparently sourced from Greece. Sauce is tasty good and there’s lettuce and a slice of tomato hidden inside. A very enjoyable and tasty eat and would happily order again. Fries are crispy and well-salted. A win for the vegans and great work by the guys who are famous for their burgers and fried.

Also tried the Mary's Burger ‘Vegan Option’ with Fries ($18) by luck as it came out accidentally instead of my chicken burger. It’s their own vegan pattie creation instead of resorting to one of the existing processed ones on the market. They achieved a nice grill crust with a rich and meaty texture making it quite filling for a vegan pattie and visually looked like a meat pattie. I liked how it's using real ingredients rather than processed ingredients. Bun was pillow soft bun but struggled a little under the heaviness and sauciness of the contents so best to eat this one in a timely manner. Good melty cheese and tasty special sauce. Fries tried with the bottled chilli sauce on the table which gives a good hit for the tastebuds. I reckon they could even sell these vegan patties retail for cooking at home, that's my hope anyway.

Service is friendly and the outdoor seating is a lovely spot to sit on a nice day. Inside is dark and moody and toilets are located downstairs in the dungeon level. Drinks are available including ‘The Fucktini’ with ‘Ketel One, Kahlua, Coffee & Fuck’. Sounds like a good Friday drink for after work to celebrate TGIF.

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23 April 2019

Asal Sweet: Middle Eastern, Merrylands (22 Apr 2019)

4 Memorial Ave, Merrylands NSW 2160

Middle Eastern temptations

A great spot for a temptation fix of so many Middle Eastern treats. You pay by weight and the minimum is 500g. Works out quite reasonable for a good variety I thought. This box was 485g so at $24/kg was $11.64. Service was friendly and helpful. Small coconut macaroons you see in the box on the right were so yummy. Baklava was good too.

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12 February 2019

Son of a Baker, Botany (11 Jan 2019)

1545 Botany Road, Botany NSW 2019

Just here for the pastries

They're certainly keeping the cronut alive and well here. Was hoping there'd be dine in for a pastry and coffee fix but it's only takeaway. Located right next to the bus stop though which could be a cheeky seating option. Cronut ($4) was nice the Cappuccino ($3.50) using Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters had a good hit of flavour. $7.50 all up, not the $10 that was accidentally charged when I queried the pricing. I found it a little awkward to look at the pastries with the height of the display but there's plenty of street parking in the area for stopping by. It's just the pastries available here so if you're looking for the dishes you'll need to head to their Sans Souci cafe.

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