03 January 2009

Simon's 38th Hawaiian Birthday BBQ (4 Jan 2009)

Food bloggers birthday

Prepare, cook, eat and photograph food of course! And this year I was lucky enough to have some dear friends prepare some delicious food to share as well which allowed more time for me to relax out of the kitchen. 51 guests including 7 kids and a whole lot of good food to satisfy the tastebuds. Suze from http://www.chocolatesuze.com and Lorraine from http://www.notquitenigella.com also came along and had a photographic frenzy.

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4 Jan 2009 - Simon's 38th Birthday BBQ

Roasted mini roma tomato marinated with garlic and served with mascarpone, olive tapenade and freshly picked baby basil leaf, Chef Leong :-)

Sydney rock oysters served with Tetsuya's dressing, Yarra Valley salmon caviar and freshly chopped chives, Chef Leong :-)

Peking duck rice paper rolls with leek, carrot, mint and coriander, Chef Leong :-)

Nibbles of Pimento stuffed olives, Mammoth olives with rosemary, dolmades and Doritos

Smoked salmon and crème fraîche blinis topped with chives, Chef Pelagia

Fruit punch made with lemon lime and bitters, tropical fruit juice, pineapple juice, mango and apple juice with freshly chopped watermelon, orange, apple and mint, Chef Sarina

Vegetarian Kuih Pie Tee with carrot, fried tofu, snow peas, water chestnuts, cabbage, then garnished with egg omelette, coriander, chilli and drizzled with sweet chilli sauce, Chef Dom

'Thai styled eggplant explosion' with dressing of soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, whole chillis, lemon juice and rind, sesame oil and sugar then mixed with coriander and mint, Iron Chef Wu. Canapé cups by Chef Dom

Supplì, rice and cheese balls, Chef Patrick

Vegetarian curry puffs with potato, peas and vegetarian mince, Chef Dom

Marinated lamb cutlets with garlic, lemon, fresh rosemary, whole-grain mustard and honey served with homemade tzatziki, Chef Leong :-)

Special sausage sizzle with onion, chopped jalapeno, tomato sauce and American-style mustard served on good old fashion sliced white bread, Chef Leong :-) / Chef Eric

Spinach quiche from Dinh & Josip

Quiche Lorraine from Dinh & Josip

Rye and wholemeal sour dough, soy and linseed sour dough with cheeses of triple brie and ash blue from Dinh & Josip

Chocolate brownies topped with walnut, Chef Shona

Special '38' birthday cake of homemade meringue nests with vanilla mascarpone topped with fresh raspberry, blueberry and passionfruit, Chef Leong :-) / Chef preps by Shona, Eric, Jean Marc and Saori


Karen | Citrus and Candy said...

Simon, the food looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! I'm so bummed to not have made it! :(

Happy belated birthday and we should catch up soon!

Miss Honey said...

Looks awesome!! Finger food perfection!!! Happy Birthday:D

Annie said...

Wow! What an amazing spread! Happy Birthday and congrats on creating such a brilliant looking meal!

OohLookBel said...

HapPy BiRThdAY, Simon! Great that you have such nice friends who can cater - those mini pavolvas look adorable.

Simon Leong said...

hi karen, hopefully see you next time. looking forward to catching up again.

hi miss honey, thanks for the birthday wishes.

hi annie, hoping to learn a few more things with puff pastry this year for the next one.

hi belle, the mini pavs went especially fast but will hopefully make them again sometime. was fun to make.

Anonymous said...

Such a stylish celebration Simon! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I can vouch for how delicious the food was. Thanks for the invite Simon! Hope you had a great 38th!

Y said...

Happy belated Birthday! What a great way to celebrate :)

Anonymous said...

If that's what on the menu for a 38th, I can't imagine what will be like for a 40th!? Happy belated Birthday, the party sounds like a hoot! Well, I am sure it was a hoot anyway!

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

What a wonderful spread, and what a great idea to get people to bring along canapes. I cant resist a good canape.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Bargain Whisperer said...

Can you have a birthday every month?

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