06 June 2014

Le P'tit Café at The Mint: Coffee, Sydney (27 May 2014)

10 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

French inspired coffee spot

This cosy French themed popup cafe located within The Mint is only supposed to be running for 12 weeks from Monday 31 March so I've only noticed it in its last weeks. I remember when this venue used to be looked after by the Trippas White Group but now it's Restaurant AssociatesRenovations are being finalised upstairs for a new restaurant 'Bistro Mint'. Stopped by for a quick Cappuccino ($3.50) which was OK and the service was very friendly and helpful. Such a shame it's only here temporarily as it's a nice space although having no running water in the space does make it a challenge for any type of food and beverage service.

PROS: Cosy and quiet space to chill out, Very friendly service
CONS: Only temporary popup with limited menu
MUST TRY: Visiting the new restaurant upstairs once it opens
VERDICT: Nice space for a relaxing coffee break or meetup

Cute and cosy decor

Cappuccino ($3.50)

Bevande cups — nice

Table water

Limited menu but reasonably priced

Plans on display for Bistro Mint upstairs

Some outside seating


Mr C @ The Food Diary said...

The cappucino looks awesome, love a good coffee!

edward said...

All that space in the courtyard but only 2 seating tables for outdoors? I hope that they've only just opened and are intending to stock up on seating! Because it looks like there's a lot of potential with this quaint place !

Simon Leong said...

hi Mr C, a good coffee certainly can make or break ones day :-)

hi edward, definitely had potential but was only a temporary pop up. hopefully it'll come back again :-)

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