13 September 2009

Cheung Sing BBQ House: Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings, Maroubra (30 August 2009)

695 Anzac Parade, Maroubra NSW 2035

Yummy Chicken Wings

Located a few blocks away from the main centre of Maroubra shopping is this cheap and cheerful chinese restaurant which makes one of my favourite Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings. They are so cheap, only $6 for 6 tasty juicy pieces, and the generous sized Roast Duck Laksa is great value too. Free chinese tea comes to served to your table as your seated and the staff are a friendlier than what you'd expect in a Chinese restaurant. It's a pretty safe beat you won't leave feeling hungry or breaking the bank.

Other visits to Cheung Sing BBQ House:
30 August 2009 - Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings, Roast Duck Laksa, Combination Wonton Noodle Soup
21 Sept 2008 - Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings, Wonton Noodle Soup, Combination Chow Mein

Salt and pepper chicken wings $6 for 6

Roast duck laksa $10

Combination wonton noodle soup $10



Leona said...

Ive driven past here a million times cos i live around the area. Ive neve tried it but I always see that its packed.

Accommodation Sunshine Coast said...

wonderful post

Simon Leong said...

hi leona, hopefully you'll get to check it out. plenty of Asian customers so it's gotta be good, right :-)

hi Accommodation Sunshine Coast, thanks :-)

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