08 December 2008

Home Cooking: Raspberry and mango pavlova nest (7 Dec 2008)

To use up some of the left over mascarpone from the canapés yesterday I mixed the mascarpone with some vanilla essence and icing sugar and topped with fruit in a pavlova nest to make a simple dessert.

Pavlova nest with fresh raspberry and mango infused with Grand Marnier, topped with passionfruit on a bed of vanilla mascarpone, Chef Leong :-)


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Never tried Pavlova before, but I love all fruits on top. Look so yummy !

Simon Food Favourites said...

Hi Bean Sprout's Cafe, Pavlova is just like a meringue. A yummy dessert low in fat, high in taste! :-)

Annie said...

Yum! I can never resist a pav!

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