30 April 2009

Akaneya: Japanese Restaurant, Sydney (29 April 2009)

28 King Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Soft Shell Crab a winner

After reading about the soft shell crab salad by A Table For Two I was totally inspired to try it tonight for dinner. It was so yummy with it's crispyness and fresh tasty salad that I would gladly order it again. I also enjoyed the Ton Katsu with it's crunchy crumbing and moist juicy pork inside and the gyoza dumplings were also delicious and moist which seemed to melt in your mouth. My usual favourites for Japanese around the city have been Masuya, Makoto, Sushi Suma, and Sushi Tei, but I think this is now my top of the list to try more dishes.

The service was incredibly polite, friendly and attentive. Actually I've never witnessed such amazing service in all my dining years, even from fine dining places which I tend to find can be a bit elitist and make you feel sometimes uncomfortable. I look forward to returning for lunch or dinner with an eager appetite.

Edamame: Steamed soy beans lightly salted $5.50
Special of Asahi Beer and Edamame for $12

Gyoza: Japanese-style steamed dumplings (6 pieces) $7.50

Comes with a little smear of horseradish(?) which is very hot. Put a dab on your chopsticks, pick up your dumpling and dip into the soy sauce will work a treat on your tastebuds.

Soft shell crab salad $17.50

Ton Katsu: Deep-fried crumbed pork loin (200 grams) $17.50

Asahi beer

Huge picture menu fills the table

Dining area

Restaurant street entry

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syrie said...

Looks and sounds fantastic. I'll definitely be adding this to my already large 'must-try' list. Cheers.

Lilly Bites said...

Great review and great photos Simon :) I'm heading here for a work lunch tomorrow! Do you remember what the filling was for the Gyoza and would you recommend them? Or were they just average?


Simon Leong said...

hi lilly bites, i think they might have been the classic pork ones. i usually go for this style when getting dumplings.

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