15 April 2009

Azteca's: Mexican, Randwick (14 April 2009)

140 Avoca Street Randwick NSW 2031
Phone: (02) 9398 1020

I had huge hesitations about dining at my local Mexican restaurant due to some very bad reviews I read on Eatability but counter to this were also some good reviews. Usually at the end of the week and on weekends this place seems very popular so I had to throw caution to the wind and see where it landed and make my own assessment.

Shortly after being seated by friendly staff the owner Jose Cruz was singing Mexican songs and happy birthday to a large table wearing sombreros. The walls were covered in Mexican memorabilia and it was easy to think I'd crossed the border into Mexico. Everyone was happy with their meal selection and I later found out the spicy dish 'Pollo en Pipian Verde' I ordered was one of Jose favourite on the menu. He was quite an entertaining character and actually spent time chatting with us and explaining how Mexican food isn't about being spicy hot but more about the flavour from the chillies used and that their menu is aimed to be 95% Mexican and 5% 'Gringo' to cater expectations. I'm glad the dishes weren't smothered in cheese and sour cream which I assume most Tex-Mex restaurants possibly do.

Side dish of chilli sauce

Sincronizada: Two flour tortilla filled with ham, cheese, onion, tomato and avocado and lightly pan-fried $12.90

Pollo en Pipian Verde (Chicken in Pumpkin Seed Sauce): A blend of pepita seeds, tomatillo, coriander and chilli with chicken fillets served with rice and beans $16.90

Tortillas which came with Pollo en Pipian Verde

Burrito with seafood (a combination of marinara and fish fillet) served with rice and beans $16.90

Azteca (Combination: Two enchiladas and one soft taco) served with rice and beans $17.20

After dinner Jose challenged us to try his 3rd hottest chilli oil available to customers. I had only this much on a toothpick but the intensity of heat grew and lasted about 15 mins. He said his hottest chilli bottle is worth 95USD and apparently 4 drops is more than enough to explode anyones mouth on fire.

Owner Jose sings and guitars Mexican songs to customers

Mexican memorabilia covers all the walls

Dining area

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billy@ATFT said...

I love to try his chilli. I had a bit of FFichiban's After Death, and that was pretty hot...but bearable. Hot Chilli always fascinate me.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

The Sincronizada looks interesting-what was it like? And the pumpkin seed sauce sounds interesting too-was it like a pesto?

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