27 April 2009

Bakehouse Garden, North Strathfield (25 April 2009)

Shop 4, 9-11 George Street, North Strathfield NSW 2137

Anzac Day dinner brings me to the Bakehouse Garden for some Korean BBQ, located in the site of the old Arnott’s factory. I haven't visited North Strathfield before and I'm amazed at seeing all the new restaurants that have been developed. It's been a while since I've had Korean BBQ and I always remember coming out smelling like a BBQ. There's no exhaust hoods over these coal hot plates so I feared the worst but was surprised with how little I smelt like a BBQ.

The service was very polite and friendly and started off our BBQ dishes by placing them on the hot plate. Although we weren't quite sure what to do once it was on the BBQ and whether we were supposed to look after it or if they were coming back. So it was a little confusing as to who was responsible for what. I'm used to the all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ where you randomly pick your stuff and go back to the table and BBQ it yourself to your liking. We obviously needed some guidance being newbies.

All the ingredients seemed very fresh and they replaced the hot plate with a clean one between BBQ dishes which was good — perhaps this minimises the smokiness. I'd be happy to eat most of the dishes again but would probably concentrate more on the BBQ menu dishes on a revisit. Keep in mind if your a hungry hippo then you'd possibly get better value for money at an all-you-can-eat Korean restaurant but the quality and service might not be as good.

Savoury seafood and shallot pancake $15

Pan fried tofu $10 (3 pieces)

Pan fried crispy dumplings $10 (8 pieces)

Bulgogi - Marinated thin slices of beef $15

Thick strips of pork belly $14

Chicken marinated in spicy sauce $15

Prawns $16. I attempted to BBQ the prawn legs like they do at teppanyaki to make a sort of crispy prawn chip. This dish can be messy because you have to peel the prawn shells after cooking.

Seafood wheat flour noodle soup $12. I sampled a bit but didn't really enjoy this one.

Korean side dishes and salads which come with BBQ Menu

Steamed rice $2.50

Side dish spices. I didn't quite know how to use these and whether we were supposed to cook with them on the BBQ.

Hot coals under the BBQ hot plate

Spoon and chopsticks

Wallpaper over the ceiling

Plasma TV showing Korean show

So many dishes to fill your table space leaves no room for your arms

Dining area

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Anonymous said...

A great recap of the food. I enjoyed the BBQ part as well. Let's try steamboat next! Trevor

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Look at all of that meaty goodness! Korean BBQ is another reason I can't go vego hehe

Anita said...

Great range of dishes! I love your photos of the hot coals and wallpaper :)

nina said...

when eating korean bbq, you get some lettuce in your hand, put on a piece of meat, top it off with a slice of raw garlic, chilli and a dollop of soybean paste, wrap it up and shove it in your mouth... sometimes i like to add in the side dishes too.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi trevor, always up for a good steam boat :-)

hi lorraine, same here. the smell of a good BBQ is in my soul.

hi anita, hoping to find other great places for korean bbq.

hi nina, oh thanks for explaining. raw garlic. wow. as long as everyone does the same it should be ok then :-)

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