20 April 2009

Ocean Foods: Fish and Chips, Drummoyne (19 April 2009)

154 Lyons Road (cnr Gipps St), Drummoyne NSW 2047

I think I have a love/hate relationship with Fish n Chips. I seem to fall in love with the excitement of having freshly deep fried fish n chips — perhaps it's childhood memories — but often forget I hate the inevitable oiliness of the food no matter how good the reviews claim to be, especially Ocean Foods quote of 'Best Fish n Chips in the Universe' which I'm sure can't be proven and is simply a marketing claim like so many other businesses tend to put in their signage to attract potential customers.

This visit was inspired by recent food blog reviews I read from Jenius, pigged-out.com, and Not Quite Nigella which had more favourable experiences than mine it seems. Eatability has mixed reviews, with some loving the place and some annoyed at the Cash Only policy and complaining the food is overpriced and fish sometimes tasting bland.

On this occasion my experience wasn't particularly good. The salt and pepper calamari although tasty and tender was very oily, which made it a tad soggy, and I found the coating too thick for the tiny pieces. The salmon burger looked yummy until I picked it up and noticed the pool of oil covering the bottom bun which instantly made my hands greasy. The generous amount of bread you get fills you up but I think it takes away from more delicate tastes inside. I appreciated the potato scallops being homemade but again quite oily and the amount of batter outweighed the thin slice of potato. The young service counter lady who took my order was a bit absent minded and I had to point out when my order was ready as it sat next to her. On top of all this the weather turned very nasty with wind and buckets of rain as I sat down to eat.

I have to remember for me the best way to eat seafood is as natural as possible so you can appreciate the delicate tastes. Ocean Foods seems to have a huge array of fresh and battered options which makes it a one-stop shop for your Fish n Chips needs but hopefully your experience will be better than mine. I might visit again on a nice sunny day to try the basic fish n chips and prawn salad perhaps and hopefully regain my joyful childhood memories.

Salt and pepper calamari $8.90

Homemade potato scallops $1.20 each ($4.40 for 4)

Grilled salmon burger: Salmon steak, baby rocket, semi-dried tomatoes, swiss cheese and hollandaise sauce $10.95

Mixed garden salad $5.90 (small)

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Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Seems like they have some quality control issues although from what I could see whoever takes your order makes your order, not really a central person so that would account for the discrepancy perhaps.

Smileona said...

Hey simon,
did you try the georges special??? when i go to this joint i always go to the asian guy that works there. He's really good and he gives u extra.

Must admit ive never tried the potato scallops or the salt and pepper squid. My sister warned me that the salt and pepper squid wasnt good.

shame you had such a bad experience :( dont u hate that?? when ppl say how good it is and when you go its a bad experience? I had an experience like that at Chat Thai never went back :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon

Your blog is great.

Ocean Foods has a really good reputation but I must say the couple of times I've been there I've been really disappointed. I found the same thing as you - very oily and not a lot of taste. It's quite pricey too. I don't know if the still have it but they used to have really good sushi but once again it was very pricey. I have to say that I doubt I'd go back there - I think it's overrated!


Anonymous said...

This used to be a good fish and chip shop, now its a disgrace. Bad quality and rude customer service coupled with rip off menus make it a must avoid eatery, specially if you happen to be served by an Indian dude there, you will return a very angry customer. Crap food, crap service and rip off, don't go to this Ocean food!!

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, sounds like you've had a very bad experience. where would you recommend in the area for fish and chips instead?

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