11 May 2009

Chocolateria San Churro: Chocolate and Churros, Glebe (9 May 2009)

47 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037

Spanish donut & chocolate mmm

My first experience of eating Spanish churros — or I guess most memorable — was back in February 2006 in a basic restaurant I think called Txokolat outside the train station on Calle Hurtado de Amézaga, Bilbao, Spain. It was very popular and I noticed most customers were eating churros. So ever since then I made this churros my authentic standard.

For possibly the best freshly made churros in Sydney I think San Churro has been the closest I've found to my Spanish experience. Although from memory the Spanish churros version was slightly more wider/thicker and the donut tasted fluffier/lighter. San Churro stores seem to be popping up around NSW including Bondi, Chatswood, Miranda, Campbelltown and soon in Parramatta. The dark chocolate was very smooth and had just the right amount of bitterness/sweetness for me. If you need a serious sugar hit then this is your place although be aware it can get very crowded at times.

Churros and chocolate, Txokolat, Bilbao, Spain, February 2006

Spanish Churros with dark and milk liquid chocolate $13.90 (to share size)

Dark and Milk Chocolate dipping bowls

Azteca: Classic Spanish hot chocolate with a hint of cinnamon and chilli $5.90 (actually the cinnamon and chilli was very noticable)

White, Milk and Dark chocolate being melted

Sugar 'Sweeten Thy Soul'

Napkin 'Better to have enjoyed & made a mess than to never have enjoyed at all! — So true!

Churros being made in the deep fryer

Dining and service area

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Anonymous said...

Simon, Haven't been to this place; but I can tell you the one found at El Bulli (name alone should have warned me!) in Randwick was insipid at best.


Stephcookie said...

Ohh I love churros. I have yet to try San Churro because none of my friends will take the calorific plunge with me. The ones you had in Spain look AMAZING!

wandrew said...

The churros are good, but stay away from the plain hot chocolate. It's not completely awful, but there's so damned much of it. I imagine the spiced ones are more interesting...

Simon Leong said...

hi Gobsmack'd, thanks for pre-warning me about the El Bulli. Sounds like they weren't cooked freshly which is a big no no.

Hi Stephcookie, they have a small kids churros mneu which comes with chocolate and hundreds and thousands, very cute, so you won't feel as guilty with the calorific plunge (hopefully).

Hi Andrew, I know what you mean about the hot chocolate, pretty full on, I tend to prefer a normal hot chocolate with more milk.

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