05 October 2009

Laksa King: Malaysian, CBD Sydney (16 Sept 2009, 8 May 2012)

41-43 Erskine Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Not as good as hoped

Laksa King looks promising with all the classic Malaysian and Chinese menu items but their Har Mee is unfortunately very weak in taste compared to Malay-Chinese which is one of the better ones around the city. A hit of their homemade chilli sambal makes it a bit better which is one of the hottest chilli sambals I've tried around town — it'll will give your taste buds a run for their money. The chicken rice was a bit on the dry side and the breast version had bones which shouldn't be the case. The soup tasted OK but was very small.

Other places tried for Chicken Rice
Other places tried for Har Mee:
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6 Oct 2010 - Singapore Shiok!*
24 Sept 2009 - Laksa House
16 Sept 2009 - Laksa King
12 Aug 2009 - Jaya Malaysian
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24 March 2009 - Malay-Chinese
19 Oct 2008 - KL Kopitiam Malaysian Cuisine

Har Mee $9.20

Hainanese Chicken Rice $9.20

Ginger and chilli sauce

Side soup

Bone factor for the breast chicken rice - shouldn't be?

Revisited: 8 May 2012
Seafood laksa ($12.50 dine in only area) — broth a bit on the light side, some ingredients like fish cake and hokkien noodles a bit firm. Decent sized portion though.
Duck noodle soup ($11.50 dine in only area)

DINE IN ONLY section adds 50 cents to the menu items but you get table service

No shortage of downlights in this place

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Rilsta @ My Food Trail said...

You have a Laksa King in Sydney too! Though I think our Melbourne one sounds better!

That much bone in the chicken rice chicken is disgraceful!

Simon Leong said...

hi rilsta, i've been to the Melbourne Laksa King now and I think yours is better :-)

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