23 April 2009

Lee's Malaysian, Sydney (23 April 2009)

MG04, Metcentre, Cnr George and Margaret Streets, Sydney NSW 2000

Due to Malay-Chinese not selling their Har Mee as a Thursday lunch special I resorted to having the one at Lee's Malaysian. I think the stock is better and more consistent at Malay-Chinese but Lee's Malaysian do make a fairly decent version compared to all others I've tried in the central city area. Here's a review by SMH from May 2008 of a different shop/owner with same name located in the Pavilion food court. The amount of prawn pieces you get is quite generous and I kept finding them until the last few mouthfuls of noodles and soup. The thin plastic takeaway bowl is filled to the top which can make it a challenge stirring the contents but by the end it sure fills you up — watch out for the slurp and splash factor though.

Other visits to Lee's Malaysian:
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23 April 2009 - Har Mee

Other places tried for Har Mee:
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23 April 2009 - Lee's Malaysian
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Har Mee (Prawn Noodle Soup) $9.30

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shez said...

i was about to do a "no way! you were there? I WAS THERE!" comment until i realised that you were at the MLC centre version and i was at the one in KPMG tower.


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