07 January 2010

Hoyts La Premiere: Avatar (3D), Entertainment Quarter (4 Jan 2010)

122 Lang Road, Moore Park NSW 2021

Avatar was cool

So how cool do I look in my 3D glasses ... NOT, hehe! But at least the movie was pretty cool and how incredible are those special effects these days — everything looks so real, it's amazing! I really enjoyed the movie because I love sci-fi and action, hey I'm a guy, and I was spoilt for my birthday with La Premiere seats which are really nice and have lots of leg room plus included soft drink and popcorn — I took two cups of each in. Even though there were lots of interesting scenes the 162 minute long movie pretty much pushes the bladder limits but at least James Cameron didn't make it a 194 minute long movie like the Titanic where we all knew what was going to happen anyway — oops, sorry did I spoil it for anyone? I see he's working on Terminator 5, oh yeah, bring it on!

PROS: Larger seats, more leg room, includes popcorn and soft drink
CONS: Expensive, Seats located at back of cinema
MUST TRY: Avatar (3D)

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