21 February 2010

Eveleigh Farmers' Market: Kylie Kwong Cooking Demo, Eumundi, Achacha, Yalla, Blini Bar (20 Feb 2010)

Saturday Weekly Market 8 am - 1 pm
243 Wilson Street, Darlington NSW 2015

Organic and sustainable produce

I'm not a morning person at the best of times but this weekend I was curious to see Kylie Kwong cook up several dishes to celebrate Chinese New Year. The start of the event was introduced by two Chinese Dragons parading through the large undercover market with the beat of loud drumming. Kylie explained to the crowd that she'd sourced all the fresh produce from the stallholders and some of them were invited to come up and have a chat about their stall. I'm glad He Needs Food posted copies of the recipes because I forgot to take them. I've been to her Billy Kwong restaurant on Crown Street twice a few years ago. It has mixed reviews on Eatability and unfortunately doesn't take bookings so it can be a long wait depending on how early you arrive. I remember the seating was quite crowded and small which made it somewhat uncomfortable after a while, especially for my elderly parents. It's not cheap either but I guess she's sourcing quality sustainable and organic ingredients which can come at a premium price and the restaurant is located in the fashionable eating strip of Surry Hills. The signature dish of Crispy Skin Duck with Plum Sauce demonstrated today looked delicious.

After the cooking demonstration Kylie kindly made the time to have a photo with me — thank you! I then ventured on through the markets to find some much needed breakfast. Starting with the Eumundi Confused Eggs Smokey Bacon with sauteed onions and famous creole sauce which satisfied me out quickly — a very tasty and hearty breakfast indeed. I then came across the Achacha stall which grows and sells this exotic fruit in Queensland which originates from South America. I remember first reading about it through A Table For Two and Grab Your Fork, which went to a launch at Baroque Bistro. I think my dad would enjoy these because they are quite similar to mangosteen — also a lot easier to peel than lychee. Next stop was delicious and generous samplings of Yalla dips, salsas and yoghurts. Oh wow, these taste great and their hummus is one of the nicest I've tried — I'd love to visit their factory one day. My enjoyable foodie tour ends at Blini Bar which makes excellent savoury and sweet crepes with ingredients sourced from the market stallholders. I hope they start working in festivals because their Spinach, Mushrooms, Sweet Onion and Cheese Crepe is so much better than the ubiquitous Turkish Gozleme. The premium full cream milk used seems to make the crepes so soft, tasty and creamy.

If you're passionate about food, sustainability and organic produce then these markets are for you. It's a great day out and the stall owners are only too happy to talk about their produce and products and provide samples to try where possible — Yalla in particular were very generous. There's some real bargains to be found and I was surprised how reasonably priced some things were.

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20 Feb 2010 - Kylie Kwong Cooking Demo, Eumundi, Yalla, Achacha, Blini Bar crepes
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PROS: Fair amount of free street parking, Good range of organic produce, Plenty of quality food stalls, Reasonable prices to be found
CONS: Can be hard to find a park close by, Very popular
MUST TRY: Yalla dips and salsas, Blini Bar's Spinach, mushrooms, sweet onion and cheese crepe

Cooking demonstration from 10 am til 10.45 am

Ingredients on standby

Chinese dragons entertainment

Kylie and crowd

Tossing the hot & sour cucumbers dish

Cooking and plating crispy skin duck with plum sauce

Crispy skin duck with plum sauce

Stir-fried mushrooms with tamari & ginger

Stir-fry of zucchini, golden squash & boc choy

Hot & sour cucumbers

Green salad with chinese dressing

Confused Eggs Smokey Bacon with sauteed onions and famous creole sauce $6




Blini Bar

Spinach, Mushrooms, Sweet Onion and Cheese Crepe $7

Lemon and sugar crepe $5

Stallholder ingredients used

Blini Bar menu

The Market

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john@heneedsfood said...

Every time I go to these markets I promise myself one of those Eumundi egg & bacon rolls, and every time I leave without having one! They look amazing.
The boys from Yalla are fantastic and make beautiful dips and yoghurts.
Looks like you were one or two levels up from me, I probably looked right at you without realising!

Joanie said...

Wow lucky you to see Kylie! Happy Lunar New Year Simon! I hope you enjoyed waking early to witness the fun event. The crepe looks really yummy down there!

Adrian @ Food Rehab said...

nice! I would've loved to have met Kylie! Love drooling over her show. It was my pre-dinner motivator when I couldn't be bothered cooking anything! hehe

Simon Leong said...

hi john, it's pretty good value as well. i love the yalla dips. so yummy. i was on the top level which probably was just above you. how freaky hehe

hi joanie, she was really nice about making the time to get a photo too. i'd definitely have the savoury crepes again and maybe try the nutella crepe too next time.

hi adrian, i have had the chance to watch her show before. is that a foxtel thing? because i don't have that.

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