24 August 2010

Eveleigh Farmers' Market: Searching for Organic Produce, Darlington (21 Aug 2010)

Saturday Weekly Market 8 am - 1 pm
243 Wilson Street, Darlington NSW 2015

In search for organics

After recently watching the documentary movies Food, Inc. and The Future of Food — which I thoroughly recommend everyone to watch — I've hopefully become a bit more conscious and educated in the way some food is produced in the world. Genetically Modified (GM) food seems to be more common than we might be aware of — or perhaps at least in the United States. Has anyone seen this video of what McDonalds French Fries look like after 10 weeks — has anyone done this experiment? In any case I'm hoping to add more organic food to my diet when possible and one place that sprung to mind to check out for organic produce was the Eveleigh Farmer's Market. Today's visit is in search of some organic vegetables to have with my quality steak I received in the goodie bag from Chophouse.

While scrolling around I notice Kylie Kwong's team working hard at the Billy Kwong stall serving delicious Steamed savoury pancakes with organic vegetables and organic egg ($8 for 2 pieces). These are a treat to have and reasonably priced but watch out for the dripping sauce when you're eating them. Alto Olives oil and table olives have a lovely taste and apparently also sell to Pendolino. I'm amazed at the variety of tomatoes on offer at AJ & LA Sorbello Fresh Produce. If you're looking for something beautifully different and full of flavour including heritage heirloom tomatoes you have to check out these guys. Tasty samples of marinated duck fillet and sausages from Pepe's Ducks are a real treat. One of my favourites stalls is the guys at Yalla who are so generous serving their dips on Infinity Sourdough. I heard there was a HealthyFeast at the markets but sadly there was no sign of the Lemon Meringue Pie I was after. Naturally Falafel seemed to have a tasty product but there's nothing better than freshly cooked ones, especially from Jasmin One Lebanese Restaurant in Punchbowl — how I long to return one day.

Mulled Wine has never been easier to make than the packaged wine and spices from Bell River Estate. For all your mushroom needs you really can't go past 'The Fungi' Li-Sun stand where Black truffle oil ($16) and Dried Porcini ($9) amongst other delights are available. Check out Jonima Flowers for reasonably priced flowers which are so fresh. Block 11 Organics Rivers Road Organic Farms came to the rescue for my Organic Carrots ($3.90 a bunch) and Broccoli ($7.50 kg) — dearer than my local supermarket but it doesn't break the bank and I'm sure my body will appreciate them.

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21 Aug 2010 - Kylie Kwong Steamed savoury pancakes with organic vegetables and organic egg, Jonima Flowers, Block 11 Organics, The Fungi Li-Sun, Bell River Estate Mulled Wine, Naturally Falafel, HealthyFeast, Yalla, Pepe's Ducks, AJ & LA Sorbello Fresh Produce tomatoes, Alto Olives oil and olives
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PROS: Free street parking, Good range of organic produce, Plenty of quality food stalls, Reasonable prices to be found
CONS: Can be hard to find a park close by, Very popular
MUST TRY: Kylie Kwong steamed savoury pancakes with organic vegetables and organic egg, Yalla dips and salsas

Billy Kwong (Kylie Kwong): Steamed savoury pancakes with organic vegetables and organic egg $8 (2 pieces)

Alto Olives oil and olives


Pepe's Ducks marinated fillet and sausage samples


Naturally Falafel

Bell River Estate Mulled Wine $20 (bottle)

The Fungi Li-Sun: Black truffle oil $16, Dried Porcini $9

Block 11 Organics Rivers Road Organic Farms: Organic carrots $3.90 bunch, Broccoli $7.50 kg

Jonima Flowers

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Maria @ ScandiFoodie said...

We were there just recently and I was really impressed by the quality of produce! Beautiful stuff!

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

Oooh I love heirloom tomatoes! Well.. any tomatoes really.
I'm planning on heading to Eveleigh next weekend - I'm loving that all the spring vegetables are coming into season :)

john@heneedsfood said...

My favourite market in Sydney. I love wandering around here!

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Still sitting on photos of when I did the Newtown tour, will have top come back here again one day for a proper visit.

YaYa said...

One of my favourite markets and yes, the heirloom tomatoes are just the best. Pricey but gosh they're worth it due to the richness of the flavours! Looks like there are a couple of new stalls to investigate!

missklicious said...

Love the Eveleigh markets!

Portuguese Kitchen said...

I love Eveleigh markets.The fungi stall one of my favorites.The heirloom tomatoes are fantastic as well.

Simon Leong said...

hi maria, i only wish it was closer to where i live that way i could easily go every weekend.

hi kristy, i hope you enjoy your visit and be sure to check out the tomato stand. they had some tasting samples and you could really taste the difference.

hi john, my favourite too. i wish there were more of them around.

hi angie, i'm still behind on some photos from last November :-( it's crazy how many different places we visit.

hi yaya, there always seems to be something new at these markets. keeps it so interesting.

hi missklicious, you're not alone. let's share the love with Sydney foodies.

hi portuguese kitchen, i think if you combine the fungi stall mushrooms with heirloom tomatoes in an omlette would be a winning breakfast combination :-)

Unknown said...

One of my favorite markets is simply the best, yes, heirloom tomatoes. For example, there was a taste that can you really taste and makes the difference.

organic food delivered

Simon Leong said...

hi matthew, thanks for stopping by. i've only learnt about heirloom tomatoes but i'm glad i know about them now. they seemed to be quite popular in the san francisco farmers markets i visited a few weeks ago :-)

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