19 February 2010

Java Restaurant: Indonesian, Randwick (18 Nov 2009)

151 Avoca Street, Randwick NSW 2031

Popular Indonesian Restaurant

Do you ever want to order things off the menu just because it sounds really weird? How about Fried Chicken Shower — I wonder what it is? Is that what happens when it's raining fried chicken? I didn't end up ordering it for the family but I really enjoy their Fried chicken marinated with lemon grass and spices which comes with a nice sambal. I love Gado Gado, which is full of fresh ingredients and smothered in peanut sauce. I generally try placing a spoonful of it on the prawn crackers to eat. The Indonesian style steamed DimSim was OK but nothing particularly memorable. I enjoyed the Pork satay marinated in sweet spices much better and would order these again. The Nasi Goreng was OK but I remember it being a little dry perhaps. The Octopus Bakar Bumbu Bali had an interesting and tasty sauce although I'd probably try something else next time. I was hoping the Rendang Sapi would be a bit more tender but the sauce was nice to soak up the rice. If you want to try a good sampler dish for one then I recommend their Nasi Rames.

PROS: Cheap, Authentic-like, Friendly service
CONS: Can get noisy and crowded, Limited parking, Service can get slow if very busy
MUST TRY: Nasi Rames (perfect sampler for one)
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18 Nov 2009 - DimSim, Gado Gado, Pork Satay, Nasi Goreng, Balinese Grilled Octopus, Rendang Sapi, Fried chicken marinated with lemon grass and spices
20 Oct 2008 - Nasi Rames

Siomay: Indonesian style steamed DimSim $7.90 (6 pieces)

Sate Babi Mani: Pork satay marinated in sweet spices with Indonesian peanut sauce $10.90 (4 pieces)

Nasi Goreng: Fried rice $10.90

Octopus Bakar Bumbu Bali: Balinese style grilled octopus with your choice of Bali, Rujak or Opor Sauce $13.90

Gado Gado: Indonesian salad with mild peanut sauce $10.90

Rendang Sapi: Indonesian style beef stewed in coconut milk and spices $13.90

Ayam Sereh: Fried chicken marinated with lemon grass and spices $13.90

Complimentary chocolate

Fried chicken shower — what the?!


3 hungry tummies said...

The food looks good with such affordable price tags too! Thanks for the introductions!

john@heneedsfood said...

The pork satay looks the best for me. Have you been to Ayam Goreng 99 yet?

Von said...

I don't think I've ever been to an Indonesian restuarant in Sydney that I really liked. But this place looks really good. Such a shame its so far away from me =[

foodwink said...

Hmm .. I gotta admit this is the first time I see DimSum (aka siu mai) on the menu of an indonesian restaurant ..

Despite that, the fried chicken and the satay look like they are worth a try!

Simon Leong said...

hi 3 hungry tummies, it's a pretty affordable place indeed.

hi john, i'm hoping to try Ayam Goreng 99 this year for the chicken to compare. I've heard mixed reviews though. many rave about the chicken but i've also heard it can be a bit dry too?

hi von, i haven't been to many indonesian restaurants but java has been around for ages and has many loyal regulars. book ahead if you go to be safe to get a table. not open tuesdays too.

hi foodwink, i totally agree it's very strange to see siu mai on the menu. not even sure what it's doing there. let me know if you try and keep me posted of any other good satay and fried chicken you can recommend :-)

isyaantonius said...

Hi Simon, I love Java restaurant, cause they're such friendly people and I love the nasi rames and ayam goreng kuning (Indonesian traditional fried chiken). For bbq chiken I always go to Ayam 99 and their oxtail soup is really good :)

Simon Leong said...

hi isyaantonius, i totally agree they are the nicest people that work there. the young staff are so friendly. i'm looking forward to trying Ayam Goreng 99 for their chicken. i hope i'm not disappointment because my expectations are now very high :-)

Rachel said...

Indonesian food is so good....mmmmhhh I wish i can dine with you. Restaurants like that are hard to find here, mainly because there lots more asian (chinese, japanese and viet types- they are all really good) inspired spots in Toronto. Its official I am moving..lol. thanks for sharing

Simon Leong said...

hi Raqueio, maybe there's a challenge in finding a good Indonesian restaurant in your area. hope you find a good hidden one somewhere :-)

3's said...

Hi Simon,

The siu may (or siomay as indonesian says it) served at the restaurant is one of the two indonesian adaptation of the original version.

It used to be the same thing when chinese traders used to stop by in Indonesia but over time this dish has evolve into something slightly different due to ingredients and social acceptance reasons (being a country where the majority of population don't eat pork).

Because they share the same name and resemblance, very often this dish is ordered with a different set of expectations. However as pointed out before, the one served in Java Restaurant has a different story to it and tastes just like the one "back home".

The other version is Siomay Bandung where they took the similar approach of using flour and mince meat but include potatoes, cabbage, bitter melon, etc.. I can tell you more about it if you're interested :-)

Hope this answer your question.

3's said...

oh and Java just started a facebook page:


Simon Leong said...

hi 3's, thanks so much for the siomay clarification. it's great to know and will help anyone else reading this post. thanks also for the Java facebook fan club. i think i'm the first club member now. Java has always been one of my favourite cheap eat Indonesian restaurants :-)

Anonymous said...

THE FRIED CHICKEN SHOWER, from what the description said, I can tell that it is indonesian fried chicken, topped with crispy fried bits, from the marinade mixed with rice flour and egg, and fried until it is crispy. It is sprinkled over the fried chicken, and maybe the menu maker just happened to translate it literally from indonesian words, and picked up the wrong word 'shower' instead of 'sprinkle'

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, thanks for the insights :-)

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