13 March 2010

est: March into Merivale $33 Menu, Sydney (12 Mar 2010)

Establishment Hotel
Level 1, 252 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Champagne & oysters for lunch

To really appreciate a relaxing lunch I took the day off work to check out the est. March into Merivale $33 lunch menu. Arriving at 12.40 pm the dining room was actually filling up quickly so it seems to be a very popular venue. I've always been happy with the dish presentation of this 3 Hatted Restaurant and today is no exception. The Group Restaurant Manager Frank Roberts came over to chat who I've met on numerous occasions at Merivale launches. He kindly provided a complimentary glass of Ruinart Champagne to start which was excellent. My favourite is Bollinger at the moment but I think I'll have to add this one to my list as well.

For $33 you get one of three dishes and a glass of wine but you can also have entrees and desserts for $25. The oysters are freshly shucked and go well with the sharp tasting mignonette dressing although I'm still a huge fan of the larger pacific oysters. I couldn't resist ordering Grilled white scallops and calamari which were cooked beautifully. It went quite well with the small pieces of green apple which wasn't too overpowering. The calamari could have perhaps been a bit more tender and was thinking perhaps some cauliflower puree would help to bind the ingredients on the plate and provide some extra creaminess to the taste buds. Frank organised a complimentary entree of Grilled prawns and octopus to try which had a very distinctive swash of black squid ink. Seemed to be more for show than taste as I couldn't really seem to taste it. Decently sized prawns went well with the goats cheese feta and I enjoyed the contrasting taste of the green olives — watch out for the pimentos de padron which had a bit of a heat bite to some of them.

For mains the Fillet of veal parmigiana came with decent sized pieces of tender veal. The toasted breadcrumbs was an unusual take on the dish and worked well to provide a crunchy factor which was a good alternative to actually crumbing the veal and frying. The well portioned Crisp skin breast of corn fed chicken was delightfully moist as hoped and I loved the robust taste of the pine mushrooms which went well with the tarragon garlic butter — I was hoping for a bit more 'crisp' skin though. I enjoyed both the Domaine Chandon Chardonnay 2008 and Domaine Chandon Shiraz 2007 which are available with the meal and thankfully had a minimal tannin taste. The colourful Mesclun salad was very fresh and tasty and reminds me of the one I had at Tetsuya's many years ago. For dessert I was keen to try the buttermilk pannacotta but unfortunately it was not available today. Frank offered a plate of petit fours to end the meal on a sugary high — the est. labelled chocolate was my favourite. Service was friendly and professional.

It looks like quite a few restaurants are doing their own meal deals with wine at the moment which range between $30-$50 but you won't find them in a 3 Hatted Restaurants.

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PROS: Sampling of a 3 Hatted Restaurant at a reasonable price, Good wines, Complimentary bread, Nice dining area, Save on prices for a la carte entrees and desserts
CONS: Justin Hemmes still seems to prefer Bvlgari soap cakes in the toilets but I think they should be replaced with L'Occitane or Aesops soap dispensers.
MUST TRY: Lunch tasting menu

Blanc de Blancs Ruinart Champagne

Complimentary sourdough bread

Grilled white scallops and calamari, leeks, belgian endive, green apple, hazelnut vinaigrette $35 ($25 menu special)

Grilled prawns and octopus, pimentos de padron, chorizo, goats cheese feta, green olives, chilli $36 ($25 menu special)

Freshly shucked rock oysters from today's market, mignonette dressing $4 each

Fillet of veal parmigiana, spinach, toasted breadcrumbs, tomato, parmesan $33 including glass of wine

Crisp skin breast of corn fed chicken, pine mushrooms, baby beans, tarragon garlic butter $33 including glass of wine

Domaine Chandon Shiraz 2007

Domaine Chandon Chardonnay 2008

Mesclun salad $11

Petit fours

$33 menu

Lunch tasting menu




Cheese and dessert

Champagne drink trolley

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Establishment hotel ground floor menu promotion

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jaded said...

That Ruinart is indeed very good!

joey@FoodiePop said...

How delish does that look! Awesome.

john@heneedsfood said...

What a perfect reason to take the day off work. It all looks fantastic

Kristy Sayer said...

Those petit fours are so cute!
Great photos Simon :)

Their cheese and dessert menu also sounds delish!

Ann said...

i love every dish on this page especially the oyster dish!

high roller styless ayee lols

Myriam @ Detours said...

Beautiful... That lunch is fantastic value for money, by the look of it. PS: Ruinart Blancs de Blancs is one of my favourite Champagnes as well, it's to die for!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi jaded, i'm so glad i've tried it now.

hi joey, are you hoping to check out any of the $33 meal deals?

hi john, i wish i could take more days off and keeping having relaxing lunches.

hi kristy, and so many to try. the green/yellow jelly one was so soft it nearly dropped out of my hand when i picked it up

hi ann, can't go wrong with oysters — i love them!

hi myriam, i'm definitely looking out for Ruinart next time. i've never heard of it before.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,
I have been looking for a wedding venue and have found your blog really useful for reviewing potential retaurants! I love the look of Est, Restaurant Arras and of Table for 20 in Surry Hills - and am wondering with your extensive restaurant experience if you can make any other recommendations of places to try that have a NY/Columns/Exposed brick / Warehouse feel to them and good food?? Random question - but I figured you were a better person to ask than most! Thank You!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi anonymous, first of all Congratulations! est sounds like it would be perfect for your needs. other places you might like to consider are Chophouse http://simonfoodfavourites.blogspot.com/2009/05/chophouse-roast-dinner-sydney-28-may.html, Atelier http://simonfoodfavourites.blogspot.com/2009/05/yuletide-at-restaurant-atelier.html and Baroque Bistro in The Rocks (my post still to do) and Rockpool Bar and Grill. all depends on your budget though. let me know if this is helpful by emailing me or if you need other suggestions. would be interested to know where you decide in the end :-)

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