23 July 2010

Angela Wilson: VIP Media Launch of New York Bridal Gala (22 July 2010)

Level 7, 17–19 Alberta Street, Surry Hills NSW 2000

Moët, Canapés & Bridal Fashion

Thanks to Caroline from CNR Communications for inviting me along to this wonderful fashion event coincidently located right next door to Berta. The well-chosen venue was intimate and service staff were friendly and professional. With only about 40 seats lined up in two rows along the length of the catwalk I really felt part of a very special event. There was no shortage of Moët being served from 1.5 litre bottles and the creative canapés served by Pearl Catering were very good and on par, if not better, than the memorable ones served at the Skalli-Paris Australian Launch Event held at the Ivy Penthouse. I really enjoyed the Poached southern rock lobster canapé and Vanilla brulee tart dessert canapé. The Wagyu beef tartar canapé was full of flavour with the right balance of truffle oil in it without being too overpowering. For such small canapés I was impressed with the amount of distinctive flavour each one provided — they were like mini works of art.

If you're in the market to check out some exclusive New York collections of jewellery, stationery and bridal fashions then this event is for you. Amsale's full collection of wedding gowns will be available to view — I'm sure this means something to those in the know.

New York Bridal Gala
Dates: 23–25 July 2010

PROS: Intimate venue, Excellent catering, Friendly service
CONS: Bridal Gala only on for a short time, Need to be thinking of getting married
MUST TRY: Lobster canapé

Canapés by Pearl Catering
Selection of canapés

Tea smoked quail with roasted beetroot relish

Wagyu beef tartar, soft poached quail egg, truffle oil

Black olive blini with asparagus, herbed goats cheese and roast pepper

Smoked trout en croute, shredded salad and horseradish cream

Poached southern rock lobster, lobster and marjoram jelly, crème fraiche

Pineapple poached in a vanilla, cassia and star anise syrup served in a vanilla brulee tart

Chocolate cake

Pearl Catering in the kitchen

1.5 litre bottles of Moët generously served

Bridesmaid & Bridal dresses

Angela Wilson celebrates the end of the fashion parade

Angela Wilson and guests

The professional photographers

The catwalk parade

Thanks to the sponsors
A word from the sponsors

Cake and wedding display

Goodie bags

Entrance right next door to Berta


Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

You get invited to the best events
Looks like you had a great time!

OohLookBel said...

I don't know what it says about me in that I prefer the food to the dresses (for the moment, anyway). Fabulous catering! Have you been to Berta yet? It's being reviewed all over the place.

Cass said...

The food looks delicious, but the guilt of digging into your food amongst the meal starved models would be too much to take. ;)

Laura said...

Everytime I see a post from you I'm amazed by your detail, I feel like I was there.

I hope you had time to enjoy yourself

Bree Robertson said...

Great post Simon, love the photos. I borrowed a couple for my blog! :)

Simon Leong said...

hi kristy, i don't know how but it just happens :-) i'm sure you'll be getting invited to lots of events too soon enough. you get heaps of sample products which is great.

hi bel, hehe i prefer the food too but the dresses were pretty special. i've been to Berta and spotted masterchef Matt and Geroge there http://simonfoodfavourites.blogspot.com/2010/07/berta-new-italian-kid-on-block-sydney-9.html

hi cass, i think i spotted some of these models eating some of the food but i didn't leave them much :-)

hi laura, i'm glad it makes you feel like your there. i think that's what i'm trying to achieve. a bigger picture with some finer details of any event or restaurant so you get to know what to expect. although some of the surprise of visiting a new place is lost then. i always enjoy myself at these events. there's always something interesting to inspire me to photograph.

hi bree, thanks for letting me know about the pics. hope you had a great night. if i had realised it was you i would have tried to come up and have a chat :-)

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