21 August 2010

One Six Nine Cafe: New Cafe Opens, Randwick (19 Aug 2010)

169 Alison Road, Randwick NSW 2031
http://www.onesixninecafe.com.au - COMING SOON

Randwick's latest cafe

One Six Nine Cafe has now opened for business which I spotted back in June being promoted as Sydney's Best Cafe — not long after the sign actually changed to Randwick's Best Cafe hehe. In any case let's hope it becomes an asset to Randwick's eating scene. It's well located down the road from the newly renovated and highly popular Lebanon & Beyond which I hope to check also soon. I was only passing by the cafe so I haven't had a chance to try anything as yet but will do in time.

Other visits to One Six Nine Cafe:
30 April 2011 - Mixed berry smoothie, Hot chocolate, Omelette with
goats cheese and basil,
Royal Apple pancakes
25 Sept 2010 - Chicken Club Sandwich, Eggs & Toast with Bacon and Haloumi, Fresh juice
19 August 2010 - Cafe opens
18 June 2010 - Promotion

PROS: Brand new so still to be reviewed
CONS: Finding it's feet
MUST TRY: Everything

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Laura said...

So you havent eaten there yet?

cant wait to hear about the foood

BGDino said...

looks nice! will have to try it out...

Anna said...

Good on you for supporting this new business, Simon. The change of signage is funny... hehe

Simon Leong said...

hi laura, not as yet. i was running to catch the bus so didn't have time :-( but hopefully soon. i can't wait to try the food.

hi BGDino, hope you get to try. let me know if anything is worth ordering.

hi ladybird, i think if i was opening a cafe i'd probably do the same in advertising hehe :-)

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