10 October 2010

One Six Nine Café: Spring menu, Randwick (25 Sept 2010)

169 Alison Road, Randwick NSW 2031

Cafe gaining local support

One Six Nine Cafe seems to be settling in with it's Spring menu and there's plans for a courtyard out the back which will take advantage of the warmer weather. The freshly squeezed Orange Apple Carrot juice ($5.50) is good although I noticed they haven't really given themselves much bench space to prepare the fruit for the juicer. The Chai Latte ($3.80) was good and not too sweet. Free range eggs with toast ($7.90) is nicely poached and the generous amount of bacon ($3.50) and grilled haloumi ($3) sets it up for a filling breakfast. My generous sized Chicken Club Sandwich ($13.90) comes with free range chicken breast, bacon, avocado, tomato and aoili although there's too much bread for my liking which makes it harder to appreciate the balance of tasty ingredients. I prefer the ratio of bread to ingredients of the club sandwich at Bistro 44 which helps keep the sandwich more moist with every bite.

Service is friendly and efficient and it's a kid friendly cafe with it's kids corner section and mini step in the toilet under the sink. If you're after pancakes like at First Drop Cafe or hash browns like at Baffi & Mo you sadly won't find them on the menu but I'm hoping the owner will somehow find the space in the kitchen to add them as well as corn fritters like at Bill's so I don't have to attempt to queue up for ages to try them. There's a selection of sweet delights in the counter display including gluten free products as well — I've been told the chocolate brownie is yum. Next time I'll be trying the Breakfast Trifle which looked pretty sensational at another table.

Other visits to One Six Nine Cafe:
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goats cheese and basil,
Royal Apple pancakes
25 Sept 2010 - Chicken Club Sandwich, Eggs & Toast with Bacon and Haloumi, Fresh juice
19 August 2010 - Cafe opens
18 June 2010 - Promotion

PROS: Decent portions, Gluten-free cakes and bread available, Friendly service, Kid friendly
CONS: Courtyard not ready, No hash browns or pancakes on the menu, Limited space on round tables at the front
MUST TRY: Fresh juice, Breakfast trifle next time

Orange Apple Carrot juice ($5.50)

Chai Latte ($3.80)

Free range eggs with toast ($7.90) plus bacon ($3.50), grilled haloumi ($3)

Chicken Club Sandwich with free range chicken breast, bacon, avocado, tomato and aoili ($13.90)

Not much room on the small round tables


Cake display

Kids area

Kid friendly step in toilet

Opening hours

Courtyard coming soon

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john said...

It looks great, the eggs and bacon looks amazing! your photographs are really good and really help promote the place.

Simon Leong said...

hi john, thanks for the compliment. i hope my photos do justice to the food :-)

Anonymous said...

169 is a pretty decent impersonation of Clodeli, with a couple of little extras thrown in for good measure. Here's hoping it does well enough so that the bad ikea furniture and the other furnishings can be updated soon.

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, i've still yet to try Clodeli. i don't mind the ikea furniture, it's pretty clean and simple :-)

Callan Hamilton said...

Hi Anonymous, don't see any real resemblance to Clodeli at all, but thanks because they are a busy thriving eastern suburbs cafe. BTW Ikea is my best friend ;)

...And yeah thanks Simon the photo's are great even the bad furnishings look good! And yes the courtyard is NOW open!

Simon Leong said...

hi callan, good to hear the courtyard is fully open now which i've noticed advertised. a rare commodity to have in Randwick. hope to check it out soon :-)

Scott said...

Corn Fritters have been the special over the past couple of weekends - very tasty, light & yet filling! (with just enough sweet chilli in the sour cream to give a little bite to it)

Cafe 169 has become my favorite in Randwick. The staff is friendly & helpful, the food is consistent, tasty, & good value for money. The plate reflects what the menu says, & it's always well presented.

Callan's Hollandaise is second to none. I've spent many a weekend over the years trying to find one to come close, & have not succeeded.

You will now find me there most Saturday mornings. It's a nice routine when you know that the coffee & food is up to expectation.

Simon Leong said...

hi scott, good to hear it's been good for you. BTW did you know there's a special $5 deal on http://www.jigocity.com.au at the moment for the cafe. i hope to visit again soon with it in hand :-)

Scott said...

I missed that special Simon, but I don't mind paying good money for good food!

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