30 June 2010

One Six Nine Cafe: Sydney's Best Cafe Opening Soon, Randwick (18 June 2010)

169 Alison Road, Randwick NSW 2031

New cafe on the way

It's a bold statement to claim "Sydney's Best Cafe" but time will tell for this new cafe in the making still to be opened, located right next door to Tum's Thai — perhaps in Randwick to start with. The owner is aspiring to have a quality cafe with great food and staff serving the local community with an emphasis on sustainability ie 'paddock to plate' promoting quality, traceability and freshness. There'll also be fair-trade organic coffee and free range eggs. The proposed opening is around late July to early August if all goes well. I look forward to seeing what prevails and I hope they make a good big breakfast with some decent hash browns like Baffi & Mo Espresso, coffee like Pigeon and hot chocolate like Caffé Due Mondi so I don't have to travel so far.

Other visits to One Six Nine Cafe:
30 April 2011 - Mixed berry smoothie, Hot chocolate, Omelette with
goats cheese and basil,
Royal Apple pancakes
25 Sept 2010 - Chicken Club Sandwich, Eggs & Toast with Bacon and Haloumi, Fresh juice
19 August 2010 - Cafe opens
18 June 2010 - Promotion

Hiring notice

Located next to Tum's Thai


Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

Wow, that's a big claim for somewhere that's not even open yet!

Laura said...

Huge claim, i guess time will tell.

john@heneedsfood said...

Hmmmm ... Sydney's best? We should all turn up with a notebook and a red marker.

Adrian @ Food Rehab said...

Yes, hopefully they live up to the signage :) Let us know it goes.

Anna said...

That's a big call. A big call with big expectations!

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

By the time they open, the sign will be removed from the window, so who will remember their bold claim? We will! Hehe.

Simon Leong said...

hi mademoiselle délicieuse, time will tell but i think it's more like the best cafe in randwick. it's all in the marketing hehe

hi laura, time will definitely tell :-)

hi john, red marker poised and ready.

hi adrian, will keep you posted for sure. i'm hoping they make a good buttered raison toast for my morning breakfast run.

hi ladybird, i guess a case of aim for the stars to reach the moon :-)

hi joey, hehe that's right. i'm hoping to visit before SMH Good Living anyway do :-)

Unknown said...

Hi All,

I am the owner of the soon to be open Cafe above, Yes it is a bold statement I agree, but I also agree with the above comment "reach for the stars reach the moon" no use saying I'm gonna be another mediocre Randwick Cafe...Randwick needs something different, something with quality food, GREAT Coffee, and a place to feel welcome. Will I be the best in Randwick? Absolutely! Will I be the best in Sydney we will see!

Hope to see you all there! Opening day somewhere around August 5.

Simon Leong said...

hi One Six Nine, looking forward to the opening day for the best cafe in Randwick, if not Sydney ;-)

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