25 September 2010

Bistro 44: Club Sandwich, Bankstown (16 Aug 2010)

44 Flushcombe Road, Blacktown NSW 2148

Little gem in Blacktown

Blacktown hasn't been high on my list of places to visit for food but a work related visit to the nearby Pegasus Print Group is an opportunity for me to pick somewhere for lunch. Having no recommendations in mind an Eatability search comes to the rescue highlighting Bistro 44 with a promising score of 8.4 after 17 reviews. My Bistro Club Sandwich ($11.50) comes with tender chicken, bacon rashers, aioli, fried free range egg, crisp ice-burg [iceberg] lettuce, avocado, fresh tomato and battered fries. Quite a substantial offering for a reasonable price and all washed down with an Orange juice ($3.50 bottled) — I'd happily order again. Unfortunately I arrived near the end of lunch service so the fresh juicer was cleaned up already. The chips were tasty and crisp and the sandwich had a good balance of ingredients and enough moisture to remain juicy with every bite. I loved the touch of the cute olive stuck on top — so 70s.

Service was efficient and friendly and the seating area was clean and cosy. Quite a rare find I assume in Blacktown amongst the kebab and pizza shops and streets lined with discount pharmacies, cheap shoe stores and money lending joints. I'll probably be using this club sandwich as a base to compare to all others I try. If you love Blacktown then be sure to pick up a I Heart Blacktown t-shirt across the road from the Blacktown Visitor Information and Heritage Centre.

PROS: Clean, Efficient and friendly service, Reasonably priced, Decent quality, Organic free-range eggs, Art on the wall, Toilet available at the back, Free parking station nearby
CONS: Not much other food variety in the area it seems
MUST TRY: Bistro Club Sandwich

Bistro Club Sandwich with tender chicken, bacon rashers, aioli, fried free range egg, crisp ice-burg [iceberg] lettuce, avocado, fresh tomato and battered fries ($11.50)

Orange juice ($3.50 bottled)

Certified organic free-range eggs used from Chanteclair Farms

Service counter and street view


Outdoor seating


I Heart NY was so 90s — now there's I Heart Blacktown t-shirts

Max Webber Library across the road

Nearby free parking

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BGDino said...

club sandwich: best. sandwich. ever.

Simon Leong said...

hi BGDino, and when they make a good one it's even better :-)

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