12 September 2010

Cocktail recipe: 'Be My Strawberry Appleteaser' (11 Sept 2010)

Inspired by Dita Von Teese

I was so impressed with the taste of the Preshafruit Valencia that I was curious to try the Apple & Strawberry ($4.99/1 litre) and Apple & Passionfruit ($4.99/1 litre) flavours. The Apple & Strawberry ends up being my preferred one out the two which had a nice balance of apple and strawberry flavour. The passionfruit in the other isn't as noticeable but it does have quite a refreshing taste. The distinctive flavour of the Apple & Strawberry inspired me to create a cocktail using fresh strawberries, Bombay Sapphire Gin and Cointreau. With the Cointreau Global Brand Ambassador Dita Von Teese set to perform her world renowned Be Cointreauversial show in Sydney on 16 September 2010 I've named this cocktail the Be My Strawberry Appleteaser — how awesome would it be to be invited to this VIP special event :-)

For more photos of videos of Dita Von Teese check out:

Be My Strawberry Appleteaser recipe
Makes 2 (or 1 if you're thirsty)
• 4 fresh strawberries or 1 Mutant Strawberry
• 6 fresh mint leaves
• 30 ml Bombay Sapphire Gin (1 shot)
• 30 ml Cointreau (1 shot)
• 120 ml Preshafruit Apple & Strawberry juice (4 shots)
• 6 ice cubes

Muddle strawberries with mint, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Cointreau and juice. Add ice and shake vigorously in a boston shaker. Pour and strain into a martini glass. Enjoy!

Alternatively you can blend all ingredients and add a shot of Frangelico as well for extra kick and taste.

Apple & Strawberry ($4.99/1 litre), Apple & Passionfruit ($4.99/1 litre)

Apple & Strawberry ($4.99/1 litre)

Apple and Passionfruit ($4.99/1 litre)

Muddle 4 fresh strawberries, fresh mint, 30 ml Gin, 30 ml Cointreau, 120 ml Preshafruit Apple & Strawberry Juice then shake with ice and strain into martini glass

Be My Strawberry Appleteaser, Bartender Si :-)


Phuoc'n Delicious said...

I'm not a gin fan but this lookss wonderful. I haven't tried the apple and passionfruit yet but I do like the apple and strawberry one mmm...

Suse said...

Looks great! I haven't seen this juice before, where do you buy yours? I had a quick look on their website and they don't list stockists..

Emma @Cakemistress said...

This is going on my must-make cocktail list for summer. Sounds divine! Dita is just gorgeous. I'd love to have been at her show.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi phouc, you don't really taste the gin too much but i guess you could put vodka or barcadi instead.

hi suse, i just got mine from Coles. i think Woolworths has them as well.

hi emma, i've also come across a ginger ninja. combine vodka, apple juice and dry ginger ale plus a dash of bitters. great summer drink :-)

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