04 September 2010

Out of the blue: Fish and Chips, Clovelly (4 July 2010

272 Clovelly Road, Clovelly NSW 2034

Into the queue

Out of the blue is a small classic fish and chip take away shop which has mostly favourable comments on Eatability (7.4 after 13 reviews). It's certainly a popular take away which unfortunately can also make for a very long wait for your order when busy. The Grilled fish burger ($6.50) and Crumbed fish burger ($6.50) are simply made with freshly cut salad and have a homemade taste and quality to them — pretty filling too. Classic looking Chips ($4 small) have a good spread of crispy pieces and there's enough to share between two people. If you're thinking of eating in there's some limited seating but you'll be surrounded by people waiting for their orders. Take away orders are neatly wrapped but depending on travel time can affect how messy the burgers will be when you reopen them. Service at times seems strained when busy but they try to be as efficient and friendly as possible.

PROS: Reasonably priced, Freshly made to order, Quite tasty
CONS: Expect to wait a long time for your order when busy, A bit messy as a take away, Limited seating and generally crowded
MUST TRY: Hamburger and classic Fish & Chips next time

Chips ($4 small)

Grilled fish burger ($6.50)

Crumbed fish burger ($6.50)

Messy left over wrapping

Menu board

Service counter making up all the burger orders


Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Mmm, good looking burgers at reasonable prices...

Anonymous said...

Simon, next visit you MUST try the chicken burger. It is out of this world and guaranteed to cure any hangover!!


Simon Food Favourites said...

hi tina, i'll have to try their fish and chips to compare next time.

hi rach, OK thanks for the tip. chicken burger on my list for next time too. :-)

Margi said...

Hey Simon, what'd you think of the crumbed vs grilled fish burger? Which tasted better? I normally don't like crumbed/battered but it definitely looks more seductive!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi margi, the crumbed seemed to stay together a bit better but i guess it's perhaps not the healthier option — pros and cons. i think i tend to enjoy crumbed and battered fish burgers better for the fact it doesn't fall apart as easily when eating as a burger and have grilled when it's on it's own with a side of salad or chips :-)

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