03 September 2010

Strand Arcade: An Evening With Our Designers, Sydney (1 Sept 2010)

193-195 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Cocktails & Fashion

For those lucky enough to get a free invite to 'An Evening With Our Designers' from the Strand Arcade were welcomed to a sea of 3000 French Martinis laced with Chambord, Vodka and Pineapple Juice — all that was missing was a twist of lemon peel. They were pretty strong but that didn't stop me having at least 3, or was that 4? — whose counting anyway. Fashion was on the agenda tonight with two catwalk shows presenting some of the top leading fashion designers. My favourite fashion spotting of the night was probably Alannah Hill, Leona Edmiston, Nocturnal Designs, Fleur Wood, Alex Perry and Ms Couture. For those in need of some style advice the (sydney) magazine editor presented a couple of workshops on level 1 throughout the night.

For food there were three types of canapés with the smoked salmon being my preferred pick of the night. The tomato and feta canapé in a sweet casing was tasty enough but so messy to eat because it was a very awkward to fit a square casing in a round mouth — there was plenty of droppings left behind. The rare beef canapé looked promising but didn't really have much taste and unfortunately I found mine rather sinewy which made it difficult to bite and ended up being an all or nothing in your mouth affair. Sweet Infinity came to the party and finally reopened it's doors after some renovations and provided mini lamb pies — my god they were so hot I nearly burnt my fingers trying to hold them although I wished they were cooked for a little bit longer to crisp up the pastry but they were still yummy.

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The crowd outside waiting to go in

Chambord sponsor banner

3000 French Martinis (Chambord, Vodka and Pineapple Juice) to please the guests

Chambord cocktail station

Tomato and feta canapé

Smoked salmon canapé

Beef canapé

Sweet Infinity mini lamb pie

People and catwalk
Guests and model catwalk


Fashion Workshop
the (sydney) magazine: Style Workshop One

Sweet Infinity

Sweet Infinity renovations complete and now open

The fashion catwalk

Chambord(?), shoes by Terry Biviano

Alannah Hill

Alannah Hill

Alannah Hill

Jayson Brunsdon, shoes by Terry Biviano

Morrison, shoes by Terry Biviano

Fleur Wood, shoes by Terry Biviano

Leona Edmiston, shoes by Terry Biviano

Leona Edmiston, shoes by Terry Biviano

Nocturnal Designs, shoes by Terry Biviano

Fialora, shoes by Terry Biviano

Farage men, shoes by Josephs

Lisa Ho — Samantha Harris leads the way

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J Bar said...

It certainly looks like it was a great night. What an awesome setting.

Rhonda (Thedaintybaker) said...

Oh gawd looks like such a fun night!!! Wish i were invited!! hmph!

Sara @ Belly Rumbles said...

What a perfect setting. I adore the Strand. Those martinis look delish.

Elaine @ Three Wise Pigs said...

Love that Fleur Wood dress!

So jealous I didn't get to go - was watching Wicked that night!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi j bar, did get a little crowded at times on the ground floor but after the first catwalk show it thinned out a bit which made it much easier to get around. hence how i got so close to the catwalk later on in the night to my delight :-)

hi rhonda, so glad i was invited as well. get on to their mailing list and you'll be informed of up and coming events.

hi sara, thankfully the Strand Arcade still has so much character. Martinis were delish but lethal :-)

hi elaine, i've Wicked is really good. i wish i could get to watch Wicked as well :-)

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