13 September 2010

Ben & Jerry's Free Scoop Fridays in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (10 Sept 2010)

Plenty of free ice cream

While walking past Customs House at Circular Quay on Friday I accidently came across the Ben & Jerry's Free Scoop Fridays promotion marked with their brightly coloured kombi vans. Apparently it's running for eight weeks through September and October in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and it's absolutely FREE! To find out where they'll be just follow them on twitter or facebook. I tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough although I wasn't a fan of the cookie dough in it but I enjoyed the ice cream and chocolate part of it. I could have lined up for me and there were different flavours to try and you could also win small tubs.

Do you have a favourite Ben & Jerry's flavour?

PROS: Free ice cream samples
CONS: Gotta walk it off
MUST TRY: As much as possible during Sept-Oct


BGDino said...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough :D When the exams are over I'm getting a big tub to celebrate!

Jill E. Duffy said...

Is Ben & Jerry's new to Sydney? What's the cause of the promotion, I wonder? We have "Free Cone Day" once a year in the United States, and it's always scheduled very near to Earth Day.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi BGDino, enjoy when you do. and good luck with your exams.

hi jill, they have the free cone day here in sydney as well so the free scoop friday i think is an extra promotion. i assume there's not many ben & jerry shops in sydney as there are in perhaps the States so i think they need to try and promote more. there's a lot of competition with ice cream shops.

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