05 September 2010

Chef Dom's Croquembouche (11 August 2010)

Croquembouche heaven

I feel very privileged where I work for many reasons but when it comes to a farewell afternoon tea for a couple of work colleagues the whole office is in sugar heaven with the amazing efforts of Chef Dom who creates a beautiful croquembouche for the occasion. The intricate spun sugar surrounding the croquembouche was completed only a couple of hours beforehand so it had a good chance of surviving any melt down on it's way to the office. The base was an edible ginger biscuit and the sweet scented jonquils completed the spectacular look. I would probably never attempt such a cooking feat so I'm glad to be working with someone who has the patience, courage and cooking skills whose willing to share his accomplishments with others. There was more than enough to go around the office and now the benchmark for afternoon teas has been set it an all time high.


BGDino said...

Wow! You are lucky!

Barbara said...

Hi Simon Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love this croquembouche.

alison said...

wow,such a lovely presentation!

Ladybird said...

Stunning! :)

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi BGDino, the whole office was lucky too :-)

hi barbara, it's the prettiest one i've ever come across but it does take a lot of time

hi alison, best around i've seen so far.

hi ladybird, i do concur :-)

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