19 September 2010

Signorelli Gastronomia: Eat-Drink-Shop-Cook Italian, Pyrmont (13 Aug 2010)

Darling Island Wharf (Opposite Star City)
Ground Floor / Accenture Building / Trouton Place
48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Food heaven starts here

I first heard about Sigornelli Gastronomia when visiting the Primo Italiano Festival where I picked up one of their flyers. Thankfully after a few months some of my friends organised a dinner catchup there so I was looking forward to checking it out. At night it's a little hard to find for the first time but once you enter it's like an Italian lovers heaven. Large displays of delicious looking products line the shelves and fridges including a 5 kg jar of Nutella as big as my head. Sitting down to dinner we notice the cheese and wine rooms lit up like shrines of devoted love — this place is definitely serious about their food and wine. After ordering our meals we're treated to a delicious appetiser of chaux pastry with fetta and pesto — more please! For entree the Whitebait fritters, salsa di l'ovo, chilli oil ($16.50) is a nice starter I'd happily have again and the Signorelli Gastronomia Antipasto ($22) comes with a selection of 4 different salumi which are all tasty and good quality matched with olives and some cheese. Tonight's special of freshly shaven truffle is available at $4.10 per gram. We try it on the Risotto di fungi, fontina, nettles, Ferron risotto ($16 entree size) which adds $16.40 for 4 grams. The waitress shaves the truffle quite quickly so be ready to say 'when' to stop them. The risotto has a nice mushroom taste but for me the truffle is too subtle and I'd probably have without — I've still yet to appreciate what all the fuss is about with fresh truffle.

My Osso Bucco Milanese ($30) had fall-of-the-bone meat as hoped and nice rich flavours although a good dollop of refreshing gremolata would have been much appreciated. The Roasted Cootamundra lamb rump, stufato di fagioli, gnocchetti ($28) was perfectly cooked and gave me dish envy with its great flavours. Port Lincoln mulloway saltimbocca, cavolo nero, beurre noisette ($34) was served with a decent crisp skin although perhaps could have done with some sauce. Gnocchi, quattro formaggi, sage ($25 main size) was full of rich flavour as expected and a crowd pleaser. The freshly cooked pizza called Umberto's masterpiece ($22) came with pancetta, potato, mozzarella and truffle oil — wonderful flavours that worked so well together. You could easily share this between 2 or as a starter for 4 because it was quite rich. Signorelli Gastronomia Tiramisu ($9.50) was nicely presented with balanced flavours although a bolder use of coffee and liquor would have made it even better for me. Service was helpful and friendly and really made us feel quite welcomed — like an Italian family sitting down at a communal table.

PROS: Friendly and professional service, Nice decor and atmosphere, Quality dishes of substantial size, Reasonably priced
CONS: A bit out of the way to get to from the city, Not the easiest place to find free street parking, Wish it was closer to the city or my home
MUST TRY: Everything on the menu especially the Antipasto, Tiramisu and Pizza

Appetiser chaux pastry with fetta and pesto

Bread and olive oil

Whitebait fritters, salsa di l'ovo, chilli oil ($16.50)

Signorelli Gastronomia Antipasto - Selection of salumi, olives, parmigana, parmesan ($22)

Risotto di fungi, fontina, nettles, Ferron risotto ($16 entree size)

Fresh truffle shaved $4 per gram with Risotto di fungi, fontina, nettles, Ferron risotto ($16 entree size)

Osso Bucco Milanese ($30)

Roasted Cootamundra lamb rump, stufato di fagioli, gnocchetti ($28)

Port Lincoln mulloway saltimbocca, cavolo nero, beurre noisette ($34)

Gnocchi, quattro formaggi, sage ($25 main size)

Umberto's masterpiece - Pancetta, potato, mozzarella, truffle oil ($22)

Signorelli Gastronomia Tiramisu ($9.50)

2008 Signorelli Rosso Pizzini Shiraz Cabernet Sangiovese King Valley Vic ($26), 2007 Keith Tulloch Merlot Hunter Valley ($45)

Bill $350.40 for 7 people

5 kg nutella jar and Me

Cheese room

Sparkling wine room

Red wine room

Plasma screens above the kitchen show some of the cooking preparation

Inside and outside office foyer seating

Deli and products galore

Industrial sized kitchen


J Bar said...

Now that looks like food I would really enjoy.

Kat said...

Great coverage Simon. We were there last Saturday and have to aree with you --- Foodie heaven!!!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Gorgeous - especially the pastas and antipasti platter. You have me drooling...

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi j bar, hope you get to try it soon.

hi kat, i wish it was closer to where i lived :-)

hi tina, hope it's on your wish list to try.

Tonioz said...

On my way back home, can't wait to try this.

Believe it or not, it seems to be the only place to find decent food in all Pyrmont (e.g. not bloody Coles nor IGA food).

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi Tonioz, i wished i lived closer to it myself :-)

kousalya said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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