01 October 2010

Adriano Zumbo Dessert Evening: The art of making the perfect macaron, Sydney (30 Sept 2010)

420 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Learning from the Macaron King

Thanks to Caroline Bligh from Cav Con for inviting me to this special event to watch Adriano Zumbo teach 12 lucky winners the art of making the perfect macaron. The event was held in the kitchen of Caffe Dante located on Level 1 in the MidCity Style Space. Once the aprons were on it was down to business and all hands on deck, or piping bags for that matter. The biggest challenge of the night was piping the perfect macaron on the baking trays. Adriano and his Sous-Chef Rhian skillfully demonstrated the art of piping the shells but plenty of practice awaits the kitchen crew to reach this level. It was interesting to see how they apply the shimmer on the macaron shell — I always wondered how they made them look so shiny. During the night mini versions of Adriano's desserts were served including the Story Cloud (Blueberry Meringue), Rock the Cradle (Coffee cheesecake with coffee jelly) and Houdini (Macaron with fresh strawberry, raspberry and basil curd) — how does he come up with these names? The promotional flyer mentioned desserts will be matched to a selection of drops from Rolling wines but unfortunately for some reason this didn't seem to prevail.

It was a long but fun night for all which resulted in making from scratch four kinds of macarons and I'm sure everyone learnt some very valuable tips about making macarons. If there's one thing I've learnt from the night is that I'll probably buy my macarons rather than cook them — I'm a lazy cook and life is too short to waste when you have experts like Adriano Zumbo creating the perfect macaron.

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PROS: Learning how to make macarons from the experts, Tastings, Didn't have to clean up
CONS: Gets a little crowded in the kitchen with 12 cooks and 2 chefs, Sugar high
MUST TRY: Stormy Cloud (Blueberry Meringue), Other macaron flavours

How fast can you pipe macarons?

Winners are grinners
Adriano and the lucky winners of the macaron cooking class

In the kitchen with Adriano

Adriano discovers a new favourite tool — a spatula.

Getting my hands dirty but I think it did a pretty good job :-)
Photo courtesy of Nutmeg's Cafe

The mini Zumbo desserts
Plate of plenty (of sugar)

Cloudy Storm — Blueberry Meringue

Rock the Cradle — Coffee cheesecake with coffee jelly

Houdini — Macaron with fresh strawberry, raspberry and basil curd

The macarons made

Gift pack of prepared desserts and macarons for the guests

Adriano Zumbo

Adriano taking photos of his handy work

Adriano Zumbo and Me — I think I'm nearly as tall as him

Adriano's foot wear — at least it's not black shoes with white socks :-)

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Sharon said...

oh how exciting Simon! You got to hang out with Zumbo :D I'm jealous :P The macarons and mini desserts look amazing too... drool!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

wow, nice shots ! haha

I love those mini sweets, all are so yum ! The golden macaron got too much gold? :P

OohLookBel said...

Great photos! I saw Zumbo making the macaron tower at Mid City a few weeks ago, but the macarons were already made. Was this after that event? PS: I'm eating a Zumbo salted caramel mac as I'm reading this. PPS: I'd give almost anything for a mini Houdini...

Nugmeg said...

After took this class, I totally agree with you that I should buy macarons instead of making my own. Although, I really want to give it a go :D

sugarpuffi said...

gah!!! u lucky duck! u must share his macaron making secrets at the picnic or ill hunt u down with a whisk and spatula

missklicious said...

Aww, I walked past this whilst late night shopping on Thursday and I was wondering what it was! The houdini looks amazing!

Simon Leong said...

hi sharon, was very interesting seeing how they're made, i had no idea.

hi bean sprout's cafe, i found the mini desserts were a good size too. i don't think i could eat a larger version of them.

hi bel, i was at that event too but had to leave early so i didn't get to see him finish the tower. this event was a few weeks after. i haven't tried his salt caramel macaron but have tried the baroque one which was very nice.

hi nugmeg, i think it's great to know how much effort goes into making them to really appreciate a good macaron. there's certainly an art to making the perfect one.

hi sugarpuffi, i'll be happy to give you any tips i can although i didn't write down the recipe. practice practice practice comes to mind though.

hi missklicious, you were so close. i'm sure you could have stuck around to watch and take photos as well and learn a few things too :-)

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