03 October 2010

Simon Food Favourites: 2nd Blogiversary and SIFF 2010 (1 Oct 2010)

SFF turns 2 with SIFF!

Dear Readers

I've now been food blogging for 2 years since 1 October 2008 which coincides with the start of the Sydney International Food Festival (SIFF) — October is such a great month for food in Sydney. I'll be heading to the USA on 11 October until 4 November so unfortunately I'll be missing out on most of the SIFF events but I've managed to book a table for Let's Do Lunch with Guillaume at Bennelong and est. and was lucky enough to be part of the Cabramatta Allsorts Barbeque which was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the Special Events, Let's Do Lunches, Sugar Hits and any other food and drink festivities you get to try as part of SIFF. I look forward to reading all about the foodie highlights with much envy.

By the way is it Blogiversary or Blogoversary?

Happy Eating
Simon :-)


Kristy Sayer said...

Happy bloggiversary! :)
and have a fantastic trip!

laura said...

Ahhhhhh, america is soon

BGDino said...

Happy 2nd Blogiversary and Bon Voyage!

Monica ^o^ said...

Happy Bloggiversary ! Safe trip to the US and hope to see lots of food review from the land of the super sized everything !

chocolatesuze said...

happy blogiversary and have an awesome trip!

Julie said...

happy birthday to sff =)

YaYa said...

Happy blogiversary! Really looking forward to your posts from the States!

Sara @ Belly Rumbles said...

Have a blast in the US, can't wait to read all about it. Happy 2nd bloggerversary (had to be different ;p )

Von said...

Happy Bloggiversary!! I never know what it's supposed to be- I just use whatever's written in the post or in the comments =) And if there isn't any, I'll just say blog birthday! haha.....Have heaps of fun in america!! I've never been there =(

sugarpuffi said...

happy bloggiversary to simon food favourties :3 wish theres many more bloggiversaries to come

Nugmeg said...

Happy Bloggiversary! and Bon Voyage!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi kristy, thanks heaps.

hi laura, looking forward to it. haven't been before.

hi BGDino, thanks for the well wishes.

hi monica, i'm looking forward to seeing what the super sized meal is going to look like :-)

hi chocolatesuze, thanks!

hi julie, thank you so much

hi yaya, it might be a while until i get the posts of USA up but surely in time.

hi sara, thanks heaps

hi von, blog birthday works for me too :-) i've never been to USA as well.

hi sugarpuffi, thanks for the wishes and hope many more to come too :-)

hi nugmeg, thanks heaps! :-)

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