14 October 2010

InterContinental The Cortile: SIFF 2010 Sugar Hit, Sydney (1 Oct 2010)

117 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Spring into Sugar

I'm always impressed with the decor at the InterContinental with it's high ceiling and comfy laid back seating. The Sugar Hit this year is Homemade amarena cherry, triple chocolate gateau with orange honeycomb and Bailey's macaroons ($20) which includes a glass of Brown Brothers Orange Flora Muscat. It's quite a substantial dessert in terms of it's sweetness and size and I like the touche of orange honeycomb on top of the chocolate gateau although it's not as fresh and crunchy as hoped — possibly due to being prepared in advance for quite some time and has soaked up the air moisture. For those craving something more savoury you could delve into the Cheese plate with fig paste, lavosh and sourdough ($27) which comes with 3 cheeses and an array of dried fruits. A Long Black coffee ($7) was non bitter as hoped but at a premium price. Arriving fairly late in the night the service was a little frantic to get all the orders to the kitchen before it closed for the Sugar Hit at 11 pm but was friendly enough and helpful.

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PROS: Nice decor, Efficient service, Decent hit of sugar for those who love their desserts
CONS: They said they don't take bookings for Sugar Hit
MUST TRY: As many Sugar Hits as possible in October

SIFF Sugar Hit menu

Homemade amarena cherry, triple chocolate gateau with orange honeycomb and Bailey's macaroons with Brown Brothers Orange Flora Muscat ($20)

Brown Brothers Orange Flora Muscat

Cheese plate with fig paste, lavosh and sourdough ($27)

Long Black coffee ($7)


Monica ^o^ said...

that's a pretty venue, but wow, the coffee is pricey !

Anna (Morsels and Musings) said...

hi there, i've added this post to our festival round-up http://tiny.cc/siff-wk2

Tina said...

Impressive cheese plate!

thang @ noodlies said...

looks good, but I am over so many places not taking bookings... who wants to queue up?

Simon Leong said...

hi monica, all fancy hotels have pricey coffee i guess. thankfully it was a nice one.

hi anna, thanks for adding to your festival round-up :-)

hi tina, pretty decent sized pieces of cheese that's for sure. probably not the most expensive cheeses but at least a generous serving.

hi thang, sometimes the best places don't take bookings but i do agree with not wanting to line up. also makes it very hard to plan ahead with a large group.

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