21 February 2011

Gin Palace: Cocktails, Melbourne CBD (24 April 2010)

10 Russell Place, Melbourne VIC 3000

For the gin lover

If you're a lover of having cocktails in dimly lit and atmospheric decor abound with rich colours then the Gin Palace just might be your kind of drinking hole which seems to draw me back each time I visit Melbourne. It's probably because I'm a Gin & Tonic sort of guy and remembered this was one of the first places I noticed where they spent the time to rim the glass with lime for my Gin & Tonic which provided extra zing to the lips and palate. I'm a little hazy on the finer details of the drinks I ordered this time round and the prices but I do remember they always seem to take great pride in preparing their cocktails and making sure their customers are well catered for in their preference to how they like their drinks made.

PROS: Nice decor and romantic lighting, Wide variety of gins, Good selection of cocktails, Passionate and knowledgeable bar staff
CONS: Not the cheapest place around town
MUST TRY: Gin & Tonic, Revisiting on my next Melbourne trip

Gin & Tonic

Scorpian cocktail: Barcadi Rum, Cognas, Fresh Lemon and Orange Juice, Almond Syrup & Home Made Grenadine ($20)

Classic vodka martini with olive

Classic vodka martini with a lemon twist

Martinis menu

Classic cocktails

Lush cushion decor

Table candle lights

Seating and decor

Well stocked bar

Cushion logo

Male toilet sign

Female toilet sign

Mens toilet decor

Street entrance

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Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Gin Palace was one of the first bars I fell in love with in Melb on my very first trip there.... aaah, memory lane...

Ashley said...

Ah, Gin Palace is one of the first cocktail bars I ever went to I think. It has been a while since I last visited....

ic hotels adelaide cbd said...

The place is actually very nice. They really know how to design the place, I used to go there with my friends. Thanks for sharing.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi tina, was one of my first bars too that i really enjoyed. perhaps because of their love of gin.

hi ashley, i always try and revisit again when i'm in Melbourne.

hi ic hotels adelaide cbd, i'm glad it's still going strong :-)

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