17 March 2011

EasyWay Tea Indulgence: Fruit Pulp Party new flavours, Wynyard Station, Sydney CBD (15 Mar 2011)

Shop G12A, Wynyard Station, Sydney NSW 2000

Mixing in real fruit flavours

Thanks to Katheryn Lui from EasyWay for organising a taste test for to me try the new Fruit Pulp Party range of flavours at the highly popular Wynyard Station shop. The friendly Emily made the drinks for me which were consumed with the help of two of my work colleagues. First up was the Strawberry Pulp Milk Tea ($4.50) with pearls ($0.60) which thankfully wasn’t too sweet due to be ordered with half sugar. A refreshing one for the strawberry lovers out there. Next was the Papaya Puree Ice Green Tea ($4.30) which was more green tea in taste and unfortunately only had a very subtle suggestion of papaya flavour. Perhaps a better balance with more papaya puree would have helped for my liking — this one was the least favourite in today’s selection. I thought I would have liked it the best because I'm a big fan of papaya.

The Mulberry Pulp Ice Black Tea ($4.30) with Aloe Vera ($0.60) was probably my favourite of the day. I really enjoyed the slightly firm and fibrous crunch of the aloe vera pieces which is different to the soft slightly chewy pearls. It was both refreshing and well balanced in flavours I thought. I was a little scared about the Prune Pulp Blended Ice ($4.60) but it thankfully ended up tasting better than I thought, to everyones surprise. Perhaps the half serving of sugar and ice helped dilute the overall prune taste to make it more palatable in the end. It’s topped with a whole prune for that spot of extra fibre.

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PROS: Quick and friendly service, Plenty of menu choices, Refreshing taste, Interesting flavours, Lots of locations, Seems reasonably priced
CONS: No seating at this shop, Uses a lot of plastic packaging, Not sure about the sugar content and some flavours are not natural
WORTH TRYING: Order with less sugar to make it less sweet and healthier

Strawberry Pulp Milk Tea ($4.50) with pearls ($0.60)

Papaya Puree Ice Green Tea ($4.30)

Mulberry Pulp Ice Black Tea ($4.30) with Aloe Vera ($0.60) – that's aloe vera cubes on the bottom

Prune Pulp Blended Ice ($4.60) – that's real prune on top

Left to right: Strawberry Pulp Milk Tea ($4.50) with pearls ($0.60), Mulberry Pulp Ice Black Tea ($4.30) with Aloe Vera ($0.60), Papaya Puree Ice Green Tea ($4.30), Prune Pulp Blended Ice ($4.60)

Fruit Pulp Party flavours

Emily preparing the drink samples

Samples on the run

Small shop front

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Anonymous said...

You should try papaya shake, it's YUMMY!

Hank said...

Papaya shake is nice, but I am in love of strawberry pulp milk tea.

Anonymous said...

I've tried them all! it's actually already less sweet than other products even if you don't request for half sugar level.

Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

These photos courtesy of the shiny new camera?

JasmyneTea said...

It never really occured to me how much sugar these things contain, or that you could order them with less sugar. Thanks for the tip!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Where is the Wynyard store?! I've never been able to find it!

EasyWay Tea said...

Tina, EasyWay Wynyard store is near the station.

Shop G12A, Wynyard Station, Sydney NSW 2000

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, i'll keep that one in mind for next time.

hi hank, the strawberry pulp sounds like my kind of drink.

hi anonymous, gee you must be a huge fan.

hi mademoiselle délicieuse, yep new camera now. so much better.

hi jasmynetea, if you can get away with less sugar the better.

hi tina, as you come down the right ramp from george st you'll find it.

hi easyway, thanks for the details :-)

Anonymous said...

I always find that the teas are really strong over some fruity flavour. The only tea I can drink is Taro Milk Tea. If I get like honeydew milk tea, I can barely taste the honeydew. Papaya blended ice is delicious!!

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, i think you might be right about the tea flavouring being quite overpowering. i've found that sometimes as well :-)

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, do you get paid for writing this article?

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, good question. i wish i did so i could actually make some money to buy more food but i've never been paid for any food blog review i've written. the only payment is in food but at the end of the day if i don't like something i'll say it and if i do like something i'll say that too. all reviews are given the same honest feedback policy whether i've bought it or whether i've been invited to try something :-) the only time i've made money from food blogging is when people have wanted to buy my images for various purposes which is nice.

Anonymous said...

Had to say, they are making shit...If you really do like the non-milk milk tea. Enjoy!!!! and wait for the chemical things kill yourself....

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, each to their own i guess. they say it's supposed to be made from fruit but if you know otherwise please indulge with information. are there any other places you'd recommend that made a similar product? not sure if you just don't like EasyWay or all similar style products in general. i've always preferred freshly squeezed juices personally :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, I'm not trying to say something against you. But I worked in Easyway shop before, so I could not leave my name here. I know what they are doing and what they done, after the first week I work in the shop. I neve drink any EASYWAY. That's SUCKS. They using one chemical thing put into the tea, pretent to be a Milk tea, but there is no Dairy Product inside. Thats a FAKE, milk tea. It doesn't like when we have English Breakfast and put milk inside. NO, It's FAKE. And also, the tea they leave in the store for more than two days normally.

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, that's very interesting to know. i wonder what chemical it is that you mention? is it like a powdered milk instead of fresh milk? would be great to know. i always wondered what was actually used in the ingredients because you don't really get to see from the counter. they have so many different bottles and jars they're using to make up all the different flavours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, the powder they using is not a milk powder, the name of is is "non-dairy creamer". Every tea inside shop has a couple of day life time. but I had see some bag of tea stay in the shop longer than the life time. The flavor, don't think the price is too cheap if they told you it made of real fruit?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mate, Where's my last 2 posts. You ask me to tell you the truth and you hide them again. What are You doing, EASYWAY selling fake milk tea. that's the truth, why you hide it.

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, not sure about your last 2 posts. i didn't delete any which is strange but i know blogger recently did some maintenance so i'm not sure if they were lost due to that?

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