22 April 2011

Bar Reggio: Italian, Darlinghurst (20 Jan 2010)

135 Crown Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Popular Italian institution

I think a restaurant deserves to be called an institution if its been in business for around 20 years, especially in Darlinghurst which seems to have a constant stream of new bars and restaurants opening up. If you think you can just rock up and get a seat at Bar Reggio you’ll probably be sadly disappointed. It always seems to be popular with a line of eager devotees queuing out the door waiting for their name to be called even with the plenty of seating out back in the courtyard — but I prefer the atmosphere inside.

The rustic pieces of Garlic bread ($3, 2 pieces) are good basic carb starters and the Combination salad ($10.50) is like a greek salad. Once the two large pizzas arrive there’s little space left on the table for cutlery and glasses. Nick's pizza ($16 large) comes with a tasty winning combination of spinach, parmesan, garlic and bocconcini but I’m always a fan of a good Supreme pizza ($16 large) — although if you want anchovies it’ll cost you extra. The food isn't fancy but more comfort style and prices are reasonable which probably makes this place so popular and if you can’t wait for a seat there’s take away.

PROS: Reasonably priced, Decent tasting, Plenty of seating but fills up
CONS: Very popular so prepare to wait for a seat, Noisy atmosphere, Crowded, Limited table space
MUST TRY: Supreme pizza if you can’t decide

Garlic bread ($3)

Combination salad ($10.50)

Nick's pizza: Spinach, parmesan, garlic and bocconcini ($16)

Supreme pizza: the lot except chicken or seafood ($16) plus Anchovies ($1 extra)

Bill $49.50 for 3 people

Limited table space

Inside seating

Small and large pizza sign

Outside menu board

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joey@FoodiePop said...

Holy sheet Simon, I thought you wrote the wrong year with your post saying Jan 2010, but then I saw the date on the receipt; you've been sitting on this post for over a year?

Dumpling Girl said...

The Nick's pizza has given me a huge pizza craving. I've walked past a few times, and it's always packed :(

Anonymous said...

Nick's pizza looks awesome, the supreme is a bit overloaded for my taste.

The Concealer said...

I freaking love this place!!! You know, I've been rejected from this joint too many times already making bookings the day before. Book a week before if you want a Friday/Saturday I reckon! That's my tip!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi joey, nope it's been a year. i still have posts from over a year in my backlog of places i've been to like most bloggers i reckon who eat out a lot. although by the time i get to them they'll probably be closed down.

hi dumpling girl, always packed when i got past too and especially when i'm waiting to eat inside.

hi lateraleating, i grew up on supreme pizzas so the more the better for me as long as there's a good balance of all the toppings

hi the concealer, great tip. if you're after a big group they must book at least a couple of weeks in advance.

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